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Beretta A400 Xplor Unico

Expect the unexpected with Beretta's new “green monster of technology.”

After three years of development, 8,000 hours of engineering, 2,000 hours of testing and 100,000 rounds fired, Beretta has launched what it has dubbed “the fastest shotgun in the world”—the revolutionary A400 Xplor Unico (see video). The 12-gauge semi-automatic field gun takes the already impressive A391 and Xtrema a step further, sporting features that represent the next generation of the Beretta semi-auto shotgun line.

Dubbed “Unico”—the Italian word for unique—the A400 Xplor Unico is designed as an all-purpose shotgun, featuring the weight and dimensions of a 3-inch upland gun while performing consistently with 2 3/4-, 3- and 3 1/2-inch shells, making it a prime choice for waterfowlers. And because it handles shot sizes from 7/8 to 2-1/4 ounces (24 to 64 grams), hunters have numerous ammo choices.

A group of writers representing 16 nations convened in Italy earlier this month for a first-hand look. We found the A400 Xplor Unico extremely fast, light and easy to shoot—even when firing heavy loads, thanks to an upgraded recoil reduction system that Beretta claims reduces recoil by as much as 70 percent. In step with the gun’s green receiver, the A400 Xplor Unico is being touted as the green monster of technology, which explains the mysterious monster/dinosaur foot you’ve no doubt seen in Beretta’s advertising campaign. Waterfowl (synthetic) and sporting versions will be the next step in the line. In the meantime, explore what’s behind the Xplor. 

· A shortened receiver (3 inches instead of 3 1/2-inches) decreases overall gun length and enhances balance.
· Beretta’s patented Kick Off recoil-reduction system—housing two hydraulic dampeners to reduce recoil by up to 60 percent—was upgraded to “Kick Off Cubed,” utilizing a third shock absorber in the stock bolt to further reduce recoil and mechanical stress during cycling.
· A new Micro Core butt pad enhances shooter comfort and proper shouldering.

· Beretta’s new gas system—“Blink”—is comprised of a new rotation bolt system, improved feeding system and a new gas valve to enable the gun to shoot “36 percent faster than other shotguns.” This gas-piston design prevents gas from leaking out of the valve so pressure immediately increases allowing the gun to shoot in a blink. 
· Blink’s new sealant system lets hunters and shooters go for longer periods in between cleaning sessions as the amount of gas from the barrel is half of what is present in previous Beretta’s semi-autos.

· Xplor barrels have been upgraded with new “Steelium” technology featuring “trilegato” steel (comprised of nickel, chromium and molybdenum). Unlike other commercial steel, barrels are deep-drilled and cold-hammer forged in a production line with nine hammering machines.
· Hyper Vacuum Technology enhances barrel reliability and resistance.
· Xplor features the third generation of Beretta’s Optima Bore High Performance (HP) barrels and Beretta Optima Choke HP choke tubes that work with traditional lead shot, standard steel shot and high performance steel shot. A lengthened forcing cone, exclusive to Steelium barrels, minimizes the stress of steel shot.
· A ring between the barrel and receiver is designed to reduce barrel vibration and enhance pellet pattern. 

· A redesigned stock enhances shooter comfort and grip, featuring select walnut wood treated with its new X-tra Grain oil-finish technology.
· A redesigned fore-end makes for better positioning and handling. A reshaped fore-end polymer cap also improves grip and corrosion resistance. The space between the barrel and fore-end cap has been closed to prevent debris from entering while in the field. The Beretta logo is positioned on the bottom of the fore-end for a more futuristic design.
· The trigger guard, built from technopolymer, suits the gun’s modern look and features an engraved Xplor logo.
· A green aluminum-alloy receiver further ties the gun to hunting pursuits. A new anodizing process ensures the new color maintains corrosion resistance.

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For more images of the Beretta A400 Xplor check out the photo gallery.

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7 Responses to Beretta A400 Xplor Unico

Fred Phifer wrote:
March 08, 2014

Just bought a 26' version A400 XPLOR. Was wondering will anyone's chokes fit, or must I buy Beretta chokes for it ? Also the barrel is marked 2 3/4 or 3' only.

adam wrote:
June 28, 2012

What's the difference between the a400 xtreme unico, and the xplor unico?

common sense wrote:
March 14, 2012

the differnece is 2 inches ? wtf

Toby wrote:
August 16, 2011

I also need to know how to remove the plug. several knolegable gun guides have no idea

david mcgee wrote:
January 25, 2011

i saw a picture where 4 empty casings were in the air. My new gun will only hold 2 in the magazine. so will you please let me know how to remove plug?

otalla twal wrote:
October 18, 2010

how much it's cost ??? if i wanna bye it pleas answer as fast as possible

jay haidar wrote:
September 09, 2010

question:Hi what is the different between the 28 inch A400 barrel and the 30 inch barrel in the beretta A400 Xplor unico? thank you