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Gear for predator hunters is an evolving category now, because the hunt shouldn’t end with deer season.

1. Remington's AR-15 VTR comes in coyote calibers such as .204 Ruger and .223 Remington. It's an accurate, fun-to-shoot rifle that makes it easy to make follow-up shots when multiple coyotes respond. ($1,225;

2. The Cabela's Deluxe Outfitter Bi-Pod extends from 291/4 to 72 inches, is lightweight, quiet and has a rotating head that makes it easy to shift when a coyote shows in an unexpected location. ($29.99; 800-237-4444;

3. Cabela's Silent Weave Predator line of clothing comes in the pattern Predator Deception to help you hide in wintry environments.

4. Johnny Stewart's PN-4 Wireless Preymaster Digital Caller comes with easy-to-change realistic sounds such as "rodent distress," "whitetail fawn distress" and "pleading chicken," and its remote control has a range of 100 yards. ($99.99;

5. Montana Decoy has earned respect from elk and deer hunters for its pop-up, realistic, two-dimensional decoys. It has now added a coyote decoy, which is a great confidence builder for reluctant coyotes and, during the coyotes' late-winter breeding season, can bring dominant males running. ($49.95; 888-332-6998;


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