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New Products at the ATA Show

Here’s a quick rundown of ten exciting products from the ATA Show, and there's definitely more to come.

Look in any direction on the floor of the ATA show in Columbus and you’ll see the word “new” in bright lights. About 8,000 bowhunting and archery enthusiasts are swirling around this place like mad, searching for the most innovative product in the bunch—one that makes that world new seem boring.
Here’s a quick rundown of the first ten I’ve gotten my hands on, and I’ve got a notebook full of more, so don’t go anywhere.
Block Fusion Crossbow Target
Nothing totally revolutionary here, simply a target designed with a more compressed core that should stop 400 plus FPS crossbow bolts. This is in response to the popularity of crossbow hunting and the need for a tougher target. The number of states that allow crossbow hunting is now up to 11, as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Texas approved the use of crossbows for the 2009 season.
The Fusion Crossbow target will continue to feature the ever-popular game face design along with deer vitals. The target, which is all black, will be available immediately at retailers nationwide in two sizes at retail prices of $159.99 and $109.99.
Rage 125-Grain Two-Blade Broadhead

In response to customer requests for a heavier broadhead, Rage has announced the production of its new heavyweight 125-grain two-blade. With the same two-inch cutting diameter as the popular 100-grain Rage, this new broadhead offers more weight in the ferrule for inflicting maximum damage and penetration. Big game hunters should perk up at this news, as you can count on this broadhead to take down even the toughest quarry.
The 125-grain will be available at retailers nationwide in January and will be sold in packs of three for $44.99.
Rage Titanium Broadhead

Rage introduced its Titanium Rage two-blade on the ATA floor Wednesday, a broadhead that combines a space-age metal with the SlipCam rear-deploying-blade design. The weight-to-density ratio of Titanium is unmatched, and so to is the design and function of Rage’s new broadhead. At Rage’s booth I was able to get my hands on a piece of a deer’s spinal column with a fully intact broadhead sunk two inches deep into bone—proof positive that these bad boys do the job.
The Titanium Rage is recognizable by its natural, lustrous metallic color, and it will be sold in packs of three broadheads with a free practice head for $84.99.
The New GlenDel Buck
The new GlenDel Buck now has the PolyFusion four-sided shooting core. The target stands 34 inches at the shoulders and has a body size of a 150-pound live-weight deer. The 11-inch square PolyFusion core provides ample shooting space on four sides of the target and gives you longer target life with easier arrow removal.

GlenDel Buck is available immediately at retailers nationwide and retails for $159.99.

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Hunter Safety Systems’ 360 Extension Limb
As many hunters find out each season, the ability to rotate to your target while drawing a bow or aiming a firearm can be hampered by the very tether that ensures your safety. Hunter Safety System has eliminated this problem with the introduction of the new 360 Extension Limb. Perfected after a full year of field testing, the 360 Extension Limb is a reinforced steel branch that attaches to the tree in place of the standard tree strap. The 360 Extension Limb allows the tether to move freely and silently above the hunter, providing for easy shooting in any direction.

The 360 Extension Limb (including all accessories) is available at retailers nationwide or online at for $69.95.

Carbon Express’ Improved Composite Arrows
Carbon Express announced the launch of it's new Amped-XS Arrow at the ATA show. With its unique composite construction, the Amped-XS arrow will not bend or break even under the most extreme conditions, making it perfect for shooters young and old.
The composite Amped-XS comes in a standard 30" length, has a straightness of plus/minus .006" and features a 70 gr. Cone tip installed. In addition, the diamond coat finish provides greater durability and stealth performance on the arrow rest. With its durable construction, this arrow is perfect for shooters of all ages and is available in a six pack, suggested retail $39.95.

PileDriver Series by Carbon Express
Carbon Express also introduced the PileDriverTM and PileDriver Hunter. The PileDriver series was designed with one goal in mind – deliver the best penetration of any arrow on the market. The PileDriver series hopes to accomplish this by providing maximum kinetic energy and greater knock down power without sacrificing accuracy.

The PileDriver series incorporates the company’s high performance compact Predator Vanes for added velocity and greater accuracy and much more.

G5 Outdoors’ Mac-Loc Quiver
This new quiver uses a magnetic mounting system to allow versatility and easy conversion. The magnetic mounting system solves the inherent problem associated with mounting quivers to slider sights that won't accept a quiver or become too bulky.
The quiver will come in a number of models including an upper riser hole mounting model, sight mounted version and a universal spline bracket that can convert any universal sight mounted quiver or quiver with a standard ammo base to an upper riser mount design.
Price for the Mag-Loc models are as follows: Upper Riser mounted ($99.99), Sight Mounted ($65.99), Spline Bracket ($29.99), Mag-Loc Tree Mount ($9.99) and Mag-Loc Treestand Mount.

Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon by Alpine Archery

Team Shockey and Team Alpine have teamed up to introduce this bow, endorsed by one of the outdoor worlds most popular hunters.
The Yukon’s riser is coated in an attractive black wrinkle powder coat finish, while the limbs are film dipped in Realtree Hardwoods HD. The custom string dampener, that employs the Sims decelerator module, compliments the already impressive noise and vibration control built into the Yukon. This bow is accented by an antiqued medallion and checkered wood grip sporting Jim’s initials. A set of red and black pre-stretched Stone Mountain “Dakota” Bowstrings and a fiberlok shelf pad add to the rich character of this bow.

ScentBlocker’s Cold Fusion
Developed with world leader in carbon technology, Cold Fusion is sure to further advance the technology of scent proof clothing. ScentBlocker has added micro powdered activated carbon that is fused onto fabric to provide uniform coverage to impede odor breakthrough. It also provides a superior performance advantage while providing a thinner, lighter, softer, more comfortable and durable profile.

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