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Here are the cunning, crafty, utterly clandestine (and sometimes ridic­ulous) tactics American Hunter staff pulled on hard-to-call toms in seasons past.

We had two hours. We zoomed back to the woodlot, then criss-crossed it on foot, checking fallow fields and plowed ones until we spied them: four toms smack in the middle of a pasture. We moved fast to set up on a levy to intercept them, running, then tight-roping over waist-deep water atop a spindly log. With no time for a decoy, we low-crawled over the top and waited. I lay facing downhill, peering through grass at the black forms approaching. I wanted the big one, but I had to wait until the first two cleared.

"Shoot," hissed Darrin.

Geez, here we go again. Forget it; just pull the trigger.

At 12:45 we high-fived, back-slapped, and wondered whether we should call Alex to rub it in. (Show Me State birds are big, and plentiful. IMB Outfitters (; 866-855-7063) leases more than 20,000 acres in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas for turkeys (hunts start at $850). Winchester XTended Range Hi-Density ( is heavier than lead and patterns tight. Check out H.S. calls ( even if you can't blow 'em like Alex Rutledge.) -J. Scott Olmsted, Editor in Chief

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