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BragBoard's Best

Highlighting the best photos you've uploaded so far.


Our all-new photo galleries are ready and waiting for your most impressive shots of '09. Stop by our "Upload Your Own" galleries and show off your trail cam shots, gun dog pics, weird stuff and, most importantly, those once-in-a-lifetime trophies. It's about time to find out if your photo truly stands out in a crowd.

In just a few weeks we've already had some great shots added to all four of our "Upload Your Own" galleries, and we thought it was about time to highlight our favorites.

American Hunter's BragBoard: Noah's First Fox
A youngster setting traps with his grandma is certainly a priceless affair.

Noah's First Fox

"My six year old grandson and I had a few traps set out. One weekend morning while checking the traps we found we have caught a very large and old red fox. Noah harvested the fox with his little .22 caliber rifle. Noah, being of small frame, was using a rifle made by the Chipmunk Company and is called the "chipmunk." Noah is a life member of the NRA." --Noah's Grandmother

American Hunter's BragBoard: A Woman's Touch
Mary Robbins harvested this huge bull elk in Saskatechewan, and not only did she get one heck of a trophy, she made her husband forever jealous.

Bull Elk

"The last week of September, 2009 I went hunting just outside of Lloydminster, Saskatechewan with Rod Hunter and my husband, Gary Robbins. I took a big elk with my bow at 28 yards. I’m only pulling 40 lbs., so I had to wait for elk to come in close. My first shot hit him in the lung. I shot the elk again and he collapsed on the spot. I made my husband proud (and maybe jealous!). Gross score: 382."  --Mary Robbins

American Hunter's BragBoard: Piling 'em Up
Looks like these guys were putting in some serious time rounding up coyotes. See if you can get an accurate count
I couldn't.

Minnestoa Coyotes
"These Coyotes were taken in southwestern Minnesota. Each and everyone of them was ran with our coyote hounds; mainly running walkers. This year we have been doing a lot better with the amount of snow, and great tracking conditions for the dogs. This year we are hoping to get close to 200 coyotes. Our party consists of four guys and around eight hounds." --Reader

American Hunter's BragBoard: Old School
Pictured below is Hovey Smith with his North Carolina tundra swan taken with none other than an 1842 British .75-caliber musket loaded with non-toxic HeviShot. Not bad, not bad at all.

A Tundra Swan taken with a 1842 British .75-caliber musket loaded with non-toxic HeviShot on a five day freelance solo hunt. The hunt was in sub-freezing weather on Pamico Sound, Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge and the Cape Hatteras National Wildlife Refuge. The swan was taken on the last day of the hunt from a public blind at Bodie Island after breaking ice in knee to waist deep water for .3 mile to get to the blind. The swan came into flagging, calling and snow geese decoys and was cleanly killed in the air with a single shot - marvelous area, wonderful people and a great adventure.   --Hovey Smith

American Hunter's BragBoard: Hunting with Jim Shockey
Talk about a monster bull. Jagger Rusconi's trophy reindeersubmitted by his father Johnwould make any papa proud.

A Trophy Reindeer

My son Jagger shot this 400 class Reindeer in Nikolski Alaska in October 2009 while hunting with Jim Shockey's adventures.  --John Rusconi

Trail Cam's Best:

This photo was snapped by Maryland hunter Dan Kreis' Cuddeback in the middle of a bright December day. The only problem with this one is was during legal shooting hours in deer season! I bet Dan is sorry he wasn't in his stand that afternoon.


Be sure to check out all our galleries and let these folks know what you think.

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1 Response to BragBoard's Best

C Sprague wrote:
February 09, 2011

Editor: You can't get an accurate count of the coyotes because the picture is photoshopped - duplicated at least. Nice try "Reader". How 'bout something legit. Braggin is sort of okay if it's about the truth...