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Brown Bear Hangover (Page 2)

When you go into the Alaskan outback with your teenage daughter and a couple of brown bear tags you come out with a new perspective.

And check this out: The girls who were interested in her hunting and were desirous to go were not snaggle-toothed strudel hens who wrestle gators for a living, but rather dainty and pretty girls whose phone numbers most young men would kill for.

It appears more and more women are catching the buzz that is hunting. American Hunter’s Frank Miniter, no stranger to you, informed me on my radio show recently that there are more new female hunters entering the fields than there are men. Yep, many femme fatales are following their men into the countryside and some are even going it alone. They, too, want to see sunsets and sunrises, breathe fresh air, see stars, get scared, enjoy a campfire, pursue game, feel the rush, eat the flesh, chew leather and truly get wild—but without the nonsense. Yep, the ladies are leaving that which is plastic and entering into that which truly satisfies, i.e., the hunt.

And with that, I will get off my soapbox and resume my amazing hunting story.

Aw, rats. I’ve run out of time and space. To make a long story short, and to avoid going over my contracted word count, neither my daughter nor I got a bear. Regis had a couple of quick and difficult opportunities on two black bears, zero on the browns and thus no glorious gutpiles. Yup, much to our chagrin (and PETA’s delight) the bears did not cooperate with us. As we later found out via a Super Cub pilot, the majority of the big boys had moved downriver and out of our hunting grounds to munch on moose calves. Such is life. Such is hunting.

Were we disappointed? Yeah, of course Regis and I were let down. But at the end of the day my daughter and I, though unsuccessful (this time), hunted our butts off (it’s true; I don’t have a butt any longer), we braved some austere conditions (I fell 250 yards down a mountain and into a waterfall) and participated in a world-class adventure on the Copper River we will never ever forget. 

Oh, by the way, Regis is getting over her heartache by gearing up for a South Florida swamp hog hunt and a Texas whitetail, black buck and axis deer adventure. Girls just wanna have guns. Let the healing begin.

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