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As you fritter away time between hunting seasons, consider these projects. They’ll improve your gear, and help get you through the days muddy days of March

Perpetually successful hunters don’t just wander out to their “spot” on opening day of deer or duck season. They scout, maybe even year-round. They shoot often, try new calls and improve their gear, even in March. They’re at least slightly obsessed. They’re the types who make a turkey tote or build a floating duck blind in the offseason and who habitually check and move trail cameras all summer. We asked such hunting addicts to tell you how to do their favorite offseason projects.

So, whatever your level of dedication, check out these simple projects, as even fantasizing about doing them will help alleviate cabin fever. Read the DIY & How To section on our Guns & Gear homepage or click on the links below.

DIY: Build a Floating Duck Blind
The simple floating duck blind described here is intended to be moored on the water’s edge and hunted from while on the bank or in shallow water.

How to Hide Your Layout Blind
Layout blinds are awesome tools for hiding away from where ducks and geese feel more secure about landing, but out-of-the-box they’re in no condition to hunt.

How to Refinish the Metal on a Rifle
Metal finishing on a firearm is not as complicated as you might think, and the options have changed over the years.

DIY: Make a Wingbone Call
There’s special satisfaction in using a call you’ve crafted. I like to think a bit of spirituality enters into the picture as well.

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