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A Hunter's Ode to March

I don't care for the month of March—that's no secret—but to aid my fellow hunters, I've put together a guide to milking this month for all it's worth.


We're in the middle of one of my least favorite months of the hunting year. To put it bluntly, March sucks. In my neck of the woods, whitetail season is over; I can't blast any ducks or geese and to make things worse, I can't even go squirrel hunting. Every hunter knows June, July and August sing the same tune, but that's a bit different, at least the weather's nice and the beaches are open. 

So, in the spirit of springtime and to aid my fellow hunters, I've put together this guide to milking this month for all it's worth.

Top Three Reasons To Love March

1. National Frozen Food Month
Believe it or not the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has dubbed March as the month to celebrate frozen foods of all kinds. For me, there's no better frozen dish than a little tenderloin from my late season muzzleloader buck. Don't let me forget those hard-earned goose breasts that are just waiting for the crock pot. If all went well, the fall and winter seasons left you with a freezer full of game meat, and there's no better time to make some room for next year.

So, let's celebrate National Frozen Food Month by trying out those recipes we've been neglecting. Bide the time until turkey season with a little salt, pepper, flour and your trusty skillet. Check out this site for recipes that will make March a bit more than just a hunter's purgatory.
2. Women’s History Month
Men, let your women know just how much you care this month. Take the time out of your schedule to learn a little about the females who've shaped our great nation. Oh, and get some marital "street cred" while you're at it.  If you're taking a forced break from hunting pursuits in March, fill that time with a little appreciation for your wives or girlfriends. I'd imagine those efforts will pay off big time when you have to miss movie night this fall to hang a treestand or when dinner gets cold because you just had to enjoy every second of rut action.

Women hunters, take this time to let your husbands and boyfriends know that women's history is important. So important, in fact, that you have to show your true mettle by doing most of the hunting this year. The day when men got to have all the fun in the field, well, that's history.

  Comment on Ben's blog and let us in on your favorite March pastime.

3. National Bone Collector's Month
OK, this one I made up. Some of us are well aware of the shed hunting boom that's sweeping the nation. For others, it's time to find out what all the fuss is about.

This "sport" is for all of us who'd rather be in the woods than anywhere else. It's also good if  you're not handy in the kitchen and you happen to be single. Head out to your favorite spot and key in on the most traveled areas—chances are you'll find a few sheds within walking distance. March is a great time to learn some new terrain, and gain knowledge about the genetics of the quarry in your area. Be sure to take full advantage of your chance to collect some bone, you'll take home much more than just a few antlers.

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