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Welcome Back, Knight Rifles

After some uncertain times over the past year, the Knight Rifles brand is making a welcome comeback.


This time last year Knight Rifles wasn't sure about its long-term future. An "overall industry downturn" as well as a reported sharp decline in sales derailed the 24-year-old American firearms manufacturer. Knight ceased gun production in July.

Then came some exciting news for muzzleloader enthusiasts everywhere. On March 15, Plastics Industries, Inc., acquired the Knight Rifles brand, intellectual properties and real estate in Centerville, Iowa.

PI, Inc., a plastic parts manufacturer based in Athens, Tenn., has several management team members who have been loyal Knight Rifles owners in the past, which spurred interest in purchasing the brand.

"We hope to make this a seamless transition for all the loyal Knight Rifles customers," said PI, Inc., President Jeff Beene. "It will take us a few days to get all of the Knight Rifles goods moved to our facility, but we hope to be shipping orders next week."

The immediate plans are to continue the excellent customer service for which Knight has always been known. Warranty for all rifles except the KP1 and Revolution (I and II) will still be handled in the Knight Rifles warranty center in Centerville, Iowa. The KP1 and Revolutions will be serviced from the Pradco Outdoor Brands Decatur, Ala., Facility.

Beene does want muzzleloader hunters to know that the long term plan for Knight Rifles is to return to its roots and once again manufacture the best inline muzzleloaders on the market.

"I was sad to see Knight cease operations, and I'm sure I wasn't alone," siad American Hunter magazine Editor-in-Chief Scott Olmsted. "After new ownership assesses the brand's strengths and weaknesss, I hope it produces some exciting new products in the not-too-distant future. As a hunter, I look forward to once again carrying afield a cutting-edge muzzleloader that wears the Knight logo."
For the immediate future, Knight Rifles will be relocated to Athens where PI, Inc., is headquartered.

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4 Responses to Welcome Back, Knight Rifles

Cary Bushnell wrote:
April 17, 2012

I own several models of the Knight Rifles Including a .45 MK 85 and a .50 MK 85 and am very pleased with all my rifles and all the excellent service from there Facility. I recently sold all my tc and cva guns and totally own Knight Rifles KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

First time Knight Rifle Owner wrote:
March 08, 2011

Your above article states that one of the first things Knight Rifle wants to continue is its excellent Customer Service. I would like to enlighten your readers, Knight Rifles so far has not impressed a first time owner at ALL.I bought one of there starter kits.there were 52 caliber bullets in the 50 caliber kit. The very first bullet became lodged in the barrel causing a possible dangerous situation.They have not made good on the problem yet!Stayed tuned!

February 09, 2011


Rich Fitz wrote:
August 31, 2010

I bought a Wolverine last season through a bargain cave deal 110.00$.To the bench We went.100yds.First shot was about an inch+1/2 left.Spit patched and loaded 2nd shot and touched the first hole.3rd shot was about 2" right of the first 2 shots.I haven't seen too many smoke poles shoot that well.