Hunting The West: Tactics for Big Game

A 19-year licensed Montana hunting guide, Chad Schearer will encourage seminar attendees to plan and execute their own hunting adventure in America's West.


Date: Friday, May 14 2010
2:00 p.m.
Location: Charlotte Convention Center, Rooms 207C/D

Moderator: Jeff Johnston, Managing Editor, American Hunter magazine

Guest Speaker:
Chad Schearer, "Shoot Straight" TV host
Semniar: Hunting The West—Proven tactics for big-game adventure

Seminar Summary: A 19-year licensed Montana hunting guide and a veteran speaker of over 600 seminars, Chad Schearer will encourage Charlotte's seminar attendees to plan and execute their own hunting adventure in America's West. He will provide information about overcoming logistical obstacles, choosing whether or not to hire an outfitter, finding the best areas for the game they wish to pursue and maximizing the odds and experience for their money by learning proven tactics to use while afield.

The main portion of the seminar will focus on specific tactics for the West's varied cast of big-game animals. Should a hunter spot-and-stalk an elk or bugle one in? Chad will tell the audience how to identify the best tactic for a scenario and then how to pull it off. Should a prospective black bear hunter hunt them over bait? What is the best way to field judge an antelope on the hoof? Schearer will reveal the tricks that have made him one of the most reputable outfitters in the business.

Lastly, he will focus on guns, bows and optimal equipment for the hunt. Of course, he thrives on audience interaction, and a lively question and answer session nearly always concludes his entertaining, informative seminars.

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