Scent-Killing Machine: Terror Tool?

A device created to help hunters mask human smells could be used to hide the scent of explosives in urban areas.


The Ozonics HR-100, created to help hunters mask human smells, can be found at any local hunting store, but a series of tests done by a Canadian Intelligence report concluded that this inexpensive device has the potential to mask explosives completely. This would make it the perfect tool for terrorists plotting to attack subways, buildings and other urban areas.

Weighing almost 5 pounds, this device comes with a camouflage-patterned bag, making it even easier to conceal. The owners of Ozonics, LLC admit that they've received frequent calls from local and federal law enforcement concerning the device, but maintain that their product was created solely for hunters' convenience.

Some don't see the machine as a major threat, suggesting that when law enforcement seeks out explosive devices, there are more tests that just dog's sniff test taking place. The combination of electric devices and bomb sniffing dogs should be able to determine if the explosives are there or not.

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