Game Cam Leads to Conviction

Former Idaho resident, Aaron Loosli was convicted of wildlife-related violations that were caught on his trail camera.


Former Idaho resident, Aaron Loosli was convicted on wildlife related violations following the detection of a trail camera placed over illegal bear bait in 2008. The violations occurred on tape and were used as evidence to convict Loosli.

The sentencing issued on April 12, 2010 was as follows: 

*9 year revocation of hunting privileges
*1 year of determinant / 2 years indeterminate jail time (suspended)
*$10,000 civil penalty to be paid to the State of Idaho at $200 a month
*$500 in fines plus $181 in court costs
*150 hours of community service
*30 days in jail served in either Idaho or Oregon
*Shall not carry any weapons during probation.

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