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Meet NRA President Ron Schmeits, the front man for nearly 4 million NRA members and 80 million gun owners nationwide.

What is the danger of gun owners not getting involved in protecting the Second Amendment?
Right now there are people trying to curtail our firearm freedom and activities. The way they go about it is a little bit at a time. We have to be cautious of that. We have to look at those people and recognize their ultimate objective. Look at Oklahoma, for example. Who ever thought that NRA would have to fight for a “parking lot” bill so that employees could carry their guns in their locked vehicles in their locked cases? Who ever thought that someone would try to ban lead ammunition? We have to watch out for each one of these little measures, and we have to prepare to fight for our rights under the Second Amendment because any of these little things that occur take away some of our rights. While some gun owners are able to get personally involved in protecting freedom, others have limited time and/or resources.

At a minimum, what can we all do in our communities to support NRA’s efforts?
It’s twofold: show and tell. First, we need to tell people about our sport and we need to show them that it’s a great recreational activity. A lot of people out there love freedom and
we need to get every one of them involved in NRA. We also have to elect freedom-loving candidates to public office and provide the resources they need. There are any number of things we can do, and need to do, if we’re going to retain our rights and our ability to exercise those rights.

While seeing is believing, as they say, fortunately the reverse can also be true. For Schmeits, it’s believing in his personal mission that enables him to visualize all that is possible. Whether he’s encouraging other gun owners to become active in their communities, teaching someone to
shoot, sharing tips with new hunters or reflecting on the meaning of freedom en route to an NRA speaking engagement, he is one of us: a mainstream NRA member finding ways to make a difference for the common good. And like every other NRA member, he takes pride in those three little words: “I’m the NRA.”

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