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You have not truly experienced Africa until you have sat in a pitch-black leopard blind.

As we searched for the leopard I had a SureFire flashlight in my hand and excitement in my heart. Only a fool would not be scared following a wounded leopard in the dark, but the fear only motivated me to pay attention. I was alive with excitement and enjoying every second.

We could not get through the brush where the leopard went because it was too thick. We circled down into the wash and located an elephant trail to follow back up the hill. We found the big tom dead in the trail a few yards from the bait tree. The bullet had worked so well he was dead on his feet, managing to travel the few yards by sheer will. There wasn't enough lung tissue left for him to do the death cough. The PH, who is usually impressed by nothing, said it was the most impressive leopard kill he had ever witnessed.

During the long drive back to camp the trackers and game scout sang with deep and wonderful voices. Their clapping hands kept time, exhibiting rare talent that could take them far if they lived in another land. I don't speak Shona, so it took a long time to realize "Brucie" was me and the song was about my leopard. When I did, I laughed and listened. Then I just turned in my seat, closed my eyes and let it overtake me, for this was my moment and I was not about to miss any of it.



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