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Rule Requires SSN to Hunt

A proposed rule would require Wyoming hunters and fishermen to provide their Social Security number to purchase or apply for a hunting or fishing license.


Under a proposed new rule, Wyoming fishers and hunters would be required to provide their Social Security numbers in order to purchase or apply for a state hunting or fishing license.

As reported by Jeff Gearino of

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission is considering the change to the agency's license issuance regulations in order to comply with federal child support enforcement laws, Game and Fish Deputy Director John Emmerich said Wednesday.

If approved, the requirement would go into effect in 2011.

'It will now be a federal requirement for us to provide a data base for dead-beat fathers to make sure they are paying their alimony or whatever,' Emmerich said.

'The federal government requires this by law, so I don't really see where we have a choice of not doing this,' he said.

Emmerich said all other states have been subject to the federal law, but several years ago Wyoming was issued an exemption through 2010 to allow the Game and Fish to develop its computer-generated license system.

He noted that in past years under the old licensing system, many hunters and anglers used their Social Security numbers as their sportsmen's identification numbers on license applications.

He stressed the Social Security number will not be printed on the license and/or be available to the public

'There are a lot of other things where you have to provide your Social Security number—like when you get a driver's license— and certainly we'll have the (proper) security measures in place,' Emmerich said.

The agency is accepting written comments on the proposal through June 22.

The seven-member Game and Fish Commission will consider the proposal at its July 28-29 meeting in Saratoga.


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1 Response to Rule Requires SSN to Hunt

W Lambert wrote:
January 14, 2012

This is reality in Ohio now. I have contacted my reps and was told that Homeland Security demanded it.