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Be An American Hunter Activist    

Be a hunting activist. Galvanize your families and hunting buddies to be sure to join the NRA, to join the fight.


When my maniac, fun-loving, over-the-top rock-n-roll/hunting schedule allows, I revel in the positive spirit and blood brother camaraderie that gushes forth at the various hunting, fishing, trapping and outdoor lifestyle events that take place in numerous cities literally every weekend of the year. Certainly, the high point of such gatherings each year is the NRA Annual Meetings.

Thousands of camo clad men, women and children greet me with friendly, loving smiles and firm handshakes. They share their recent hunting tales and sincere appreciation for our Spirit of the Wild, and Tooth, Fang and Claw TV shows. A serious and heartfelt connection and bond is always palpable.

During my one-hour speaking presentations, we celebrate the unlimited good about America and the joyous hunting lifestyle that means so much to us. I always make it a point to double-check the attendance, reminding every hunter in the land that a current NRA membership is essential for freedom lovers everywhere. NRA members always make up a good segment of the crowds, but quite honestly, I am convinced that every hunter in America should be part of the solution by being a current NRA member. After adequate time identifying all the good that there is, it is even more important to focus on the bad and ugly that eats away at our beloved lifestyle.

For example, it is amazing that there are so many American hunters who remain totally unaware of the embarrassing laws that forbid Sunday hunting in some states. The people in these states are forbidden to hunt 50 percent of their weekends during October, November and December. For most hunters and their families, that represents an amazing 50 percent of their hunting season. I’ve never heard of anything so anti-American in all my life.

Minimum-age hunting restrictions are also appalling. Get this, in those states where there is no minimum-hunting age—where the decision is left where it is supposed to be, in the hands of parents—statistically there are no more accidents or problems due to 6-year-olds joining Mom and Dad in the deer stand.

Here’s another doozy. In every state in America where centerfire rifles are legal for deer hunting, including semi-autos, again statistically there are no more so-called accidents.

How do Americans put up with these idiotic, illogical restrictions? The experiment in self-government is not supposed to be a spectator sport. It is every American’s duty to get involved. As the NRA-ILA has proven forever, we the people must demand that our elected officials represent our will. Good, old-fashioned American we-the-people activism is always the answer. Wherever we have witnessed bad game laws being fixed or thrown out, you will find NRA activism on the front lines.

Sunday hunting bans, unintelligible bow- and gun-case laws, minimum-age laws, overly restrictive shooting hours, three-shell limits in migratory bird guns, not allowing bowhunting during firearm deer seasons, the insanity of hiring sharpshooters to kill game that we the people are not allowed to hunt, dove hunting bans … the list of insanity goes on as long as we the people stand apathetically by and allow clueless bureaucrats to control our lives with nonsense regulations.

Be an activist. Study the game laws in the states where you hunt or want to hunt. Circle the rules that make no sense, and fight with all your might to change them. Galvanize your families and hunting buddies to be sure to join the NRA, to join the fight.

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