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Scott Olmsted needed to ferret out a few kinks in his form, and he knew the expert instruction one receives in SAAM Level I Precision Rifle was just the ticket.

Classes at SAAM are typically small; I was joined by only two others when I attended. Each course is taught by Doug Prichard and Tim Fallon, or other instructors if needed. The four-day class costs $3,150; room and board are included.

If that sounds expensive ask yourself how much you’ll spend on your next couple of elk hunts, or your next African safari. You don’t book guided hunts? Okay, how much time and money do you spend on hunting every year? Think of everything before you answer—the gear you buy, the vacation time you take, too. How much have you spent on rifles over the years? Any way you cut it, don’t you think it’s wise to spend money on proper training?

Over the years, Fallon has learned other courses at FTW are valuable, too. SAAM Level II builds further skills on doping the wind (it’s a never-ending battle, trust me). SAAM Safari is set up for hunters headed overseas with big-bores. SAAM Safari Double Rifle introduces students to the art and skill of handling a double-gun in the field, under pressure, when dangerous game is breathing down your neck. (I took it recently, and it’s a hoot—and a must-do if you own a double-gun and expect to use it proficiently.) Check out all the options at

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