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High-country hunters need topnotch equipment—but as little as possible.

Drew—I’m torn between lightweight wool and high-tech synthetic, especially the recent stuff from Sitka. They both work well as long as it’s not extreme cold, which is often the case when hunting goats, sheep, and early-season elk, deer, moose and caribou. I’m also caught up in the debate over camo. I kinda like not wearing camo and believe game will see your movement or outline regardless what you’re wearing. Still, the latest digital pattern from Sitka does come from a pretty well-thought-out military background, and so it may be worth trying.

John—When I’m climbing I want super hydrophobic clothing, and so the latest hunting garb from Sitka and UnderArmour really appeals to me. No matter how much I’m sweating, it just won’t hold the moisture, and that helps keep me comfortable regardless if it’s hot or cold. A basic fleece jacket—I get mine from Cabela’s—is a must. Also, I want plenty of pockets--jacket, vest and cargo pants must be equipped to carry plenty and keep it all organized.

Drew—I don’t really like wearing raingear because it makes me sweat, is noisy and tears easily. But in this kind of hunting, it’s essential. Even when it’s not raining, you’ll want to have durable raingear for riding horses through wet brush. I look for raingear that’s hunter-specific and very packable, like the newest suit from Sitka.

John—I always carry a lightweight rain shells built on a Gore-Tex membrane, and have appreciated the Red Head PacLite and Sitka Ascent lines. These garments won’t keep you as dry in a downpour as the deluxe Helly-Hansen suits favored by Alaskan guides, but they also won’t make you sweat nearly as much when you’re climbing and are a lot more packable. Whatever you prefer, don’t go to the mountains without rainwear.

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