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Wolves Return to Endangered Species List

After talks of wolf-hunt quotas, a federal judge put Idaho and Montana wolves back on the endangered species list.


After talks by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game of wolf-hunt quotas, a federal judge put Idaho and Montana wolves back on the endangered species list.

As reported by Laura Lundquist of Time-News

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3 Responses to Wolves Return to Endangered Species List

chuck slusser wrote:
September 03, 2010

I never liked the idea of putting wolves back into the wildlife of these states. They are spilling over into washington, they are destroying elk and deer herds wherever they are, as they always have. Hunting is always the best control devise, it brings in money for the various game depts.hunting is the most effective way to control these animals and always has been.. Why is it that the folks who want to protect wolfs do not have to live with the wolf's??? I feel that city folks should concern themselves with there own problems and let the rest of us deal with our problems..

John M. Slusser II wrote:
August 21, 2010

The decision should be based on hard numbers from wildlife management and not on any one interest group. If one state has a problem with wolves, the only sensible answer is letting carefully managed hunting take place, while other states may need to preserve wolf numbers. Also remember that wolves move around just like other animals, and patterns of movement are influenced by humans encroaching on their habitat. Take everything into account, not just a small microcosmic peek at certain areas.

hoveysmith wrote:
August 18, 2010

There was more than enough problems eliminating wolves from the U.S. during the 17-1800, we sure don't need them back. Some packs killed hundreds of heads of livestock and even now are seriously reducing game populations in parts of Alaska. Wolf control measures by hunting are very badly needed where wolves are found. I will not go quite so far as to say that "the only good wolf is a dead wolf," but state wildlife professionals need to be allowed to do their jobs.