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Jeff's Three-Beamed Oklahoma Buck

New Jersey hunter Jeff Herrmann's mainframe 10-point had a bonus beam that was 12 inches long. The rack, scored as a 16-point non-typical, went 171 5/8 net.


New Jersey hunter Jeff Herrmann had shot a lot of deer in his day, but he’d never killed a trophy-class buck. Last year he decided: I’m going wherever it takes to finally get a big one.

Jeff wasn’t looking for a full-service outfitter with a fancy lodge. He just wanted to hunt good ground in a state with big-buck potential. Chats on one of his favorite hunting forums led him to an Oklahoma landowner who was looking to book just a few hunters on his working cattle ranch. Jeff did some research. He mapped out the ranch and studied the November hunt dates. He called the rancher back and set up the hunt.

Jeff hopped a plane to Oklahoma City, drove three hours and arrived at the ranch. Paradise! He’d be staying in a cool guesthouse in the middle of 6,000 acres. Best of all, the only other hunter would be hunting the ranch later during the rifle season.

Jeff scouted and hiked and saw a ton of deer. On the second morning he spotted a buck he knew to be a very nice 10-point. The shot was 197 yards with his .280 Ack. Imp. Piece of cake for Jeff, who shoots his guns a lot throughout the year. The buck buckled and ran 50 yards.

“I was absolutely amazed when I walked up to him,” said Jeff. “I knew he was a nice one, but he had three beams.” The mainframe 10-point’s bonus beam was 12 inches long. The rack, scored as a 16-point non-typical, went 171 5/8 net.

Lessons Learned
-Visit websites and forums and network with other serious deer hunters across the country. It is buyer beware, but if you do your homework and follow up with solid research you can find a dream hunt online. At least it can be a good place to start.

-A private ranch hunt like Jeff found—semi-guided with a place to stay and access to prime land with little pressure—offers some of the best deer hunting in the country, and at an affordable price. Be on the lookout for such an opportunity.

-Jeff shoots and tests guns and loads throughout the year, so when that Okie buck stepped out at 200 yards it was lights out. If you’re headed to open country, shoot steadily before your trip so you’ll have that kind of skill and confidence.

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20 Responses to Jeff's Three-Beamed Oklahoma Buck

John John wrote:
December 18, 2013

Love the third main beam! Congrats on true trophy.

TC wrote:
May 09, 2011

Congrats! I think everyone dreams of shooting a NT like that someday!

Jared wrote:
April 16, 2011

Great job on that buck in 09. Also impressed with that big 10pt you got in 10! Keep up the good work!

Paul wrote:
April 01, 2011

Awesome Buck!

Patrick wrote:
March 25, 2011

I have read articles written by Jeff on several occasions. I always find them to be very helpful and honest. You won't see any commercialized hype or product pitches, just honest information gained from what appears to be actual on the ground experience. Great to see your buck here Jeff. Good Luck in the future!

Tom C wrote:
January 09, 2011

Congrats on an excellent Buck! I saw you and this Buck featured on Versus prime-time slot this past Friday night. How cool! Based on some of the comments from the arm chair hunting schmucks below they are just a bunch of crying wanna-be's, so don't pay one lick of attention to them. People like that are a dime a dozen these days on the internet!..Again, congrats on a level of success most hunters can only dream of! TC

OIG wrote:
December 23, 2010

"Common Denominator" LOL

PBT wrote:
December 22, 2010

Congratulations on an awesome deer and what sounds like a great hunt! Is this the same buck that was featured on Versus "Buck of a Lifetime" recently?

Larry wrote:
December 16, 2010

Excellent Buck Jeff and great article Mike!....To the jealous clowns below that are trolling this website. Get a life. I have read Jeff's posts on several websites including New Jersey Hunter, (the real NJH),and find them extremely helpful and informing. That is why I had to laugh when I saw the comment below from "Andy". My guess is "Andy" is the same guy that was ranting on NJH on December 8th about his 2-shot "cloverleaf" groups, 100yd "groups" that consisted of "2 shots"..and the fact that he was trying to shoot deer at close to 250yds just to prove himself! In response here is what another NJH member, (not Jeff) told that person...." I've got to tell you, this is the most ridiculous thing I've read. You've tried to come off here like you know what you're talking about then post crap like this. Personally I think you're full of shit, you didn't shoot anything that far and you know it. It's obvious you're just trying to justify your first insane comment. Get a grip." It is clear who the jealous ranting children are here… NJH Andy,Bear. Get a grips guys and stop blaming other people for your problems! Again great article Mike, and great deer Jeff.

Lance wrote:
December 13, 2010

Great Job, that is a beautiful animal. A non guided private land hunt is a great thing.

Andy wrote:
December 08, 2010

I have agree with Loaded and NJH. JC loves attention and many of his posts usually end up in very childish rants

NJH wrote:
December 04, 2010


Jeff wrote:
November 17, 2010

….As even further proof that these pictures were not the result of “pre-planned contrived photo’s shoot”, we found the location where we took those pictures by driving back roads and asking the permission of a random landowner to take them in his backyard only a few minutes before the daylight faded on the afternoon I shot this buck and the sun set one heck of a great day! So you see, all it takes is an honest look at the facts to see that the hostile posts below are, at best, from individuals that are terribly misinformed, or, (much more likely), from persons that are knowingly engaging in malicious personal attacks for their own personal self gratification. (Which is clearly the case with the “Loadedforbear” who recent, literally, had this to say to about himself on Shotgunworld “Yes, I'm a troll, and yes I don't contribute anything to this forum”. That very telling post being written only moments after he was called out for essentially stalking me on several hunting relating forum where he otherwise had zero involvement in the forums or topics and in each case no other legitimate purpose for posting. Again, in summations, it a sad state that such jealousy seems to pervade when a successful huter harvests a “Buck of Lifetime” like this. However, as I pointed out at the beginning post, knowledgeable visitors to today’s popular hunting sites and forums…know well enough to just ignore such antics!! As for the upcoming season, I wish Joe and Larry and all of the readers the best of luck. I hope to see one of you guys on these pages next year! Jeff

Jeff wrote:
November 17, 2010

"Jeff outstanding buck" "Great buck Jeff! I sense some serious jealousy." Thanks Joe and Larry! While it is a sad fact to see those types of posts year in and year out by jealous hunters every time a successful hunter harvests a trophy buck the reality is most knowledgeable visitors to today’s popular hunting sites and forums such as this…know well enough to just ignore such antics. This is especially true when you see posters resorting to personal attacks and attempting to spread completely false information, as is occurring here. Case in point , the picture in this article was not taken by a “professional photographer”, (as is falsely claimed by the unknown poster below)...It was taken in the field…using a $50 point and shoot camera…by the guy I was hunting with. This guy had absolutely zero experience with that camera, and for that matter very little experience with all cameras in general! Additionally, contrary to the post below, even the more impressive pictures that I have posted elsewhere on the net, which I had taken of this buck once I got it out field, (again, none of which have been posted here, which makes one wonder why this poster followed me here only to make hostile comments about them on this site), were not “contrived” or “pre-arranged” as the poster is maliciously trying to imply, (for whatever reasons he may have). In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth!...The arrangements for those pictures were made while I was on the way to the taxidermist minutes before I was about to have this deer butchered ! The photographer is actually a amateur “wedding” photographer who is a personal friend of the guy I was hunting with, who we called on his cell phone in the hopes he might be able to take a few quick pics before the deer got caped. In fact, this gentleman took those for pics free simply on the speculation that I would be interested in buying his prints in the event that the pics came out good, (which they did..and I did!)….As even furt

Lee wrote:
October 02, 2010

Jeff: Share with me the location and contact info for the 6K ranch in Oklahoma. I'd like to explore hunting. Thanks, Lee

September 02, 2010

Jeff outstanding buck period, and great job on finding the farm to hunt on. I had the pleasure of hunting with Jeff in Illinois a few years ago my friend has a semi-guided outfitting business. Jeff is a very helpful/outgoing guy, and he knows his stuff with firearms, he has been very helpful with me on many questions. For those that talk negative about him, get off your high horse and know the facts, and if you know more then him or anyone else then answer the questions on the posts, and as far as having professional pictures taken, well if I was lucky enough to harvest a deer like this having professional pictures is a smart move. Grandstanding isn't something I see or have read, I see a hunter who is proud of his kill, and would like to share it with others. Jeff don't allow those that are jealous to bring you down, and I hope we can hunt together in the future, good luck and happy hunting this season!!!!

Larry S. wrote:
August 30, 2010

Great buck Jeff! I sense some serious jealousy.

Loaded4bear wrote:
August 29, 2010

Jeff Hermann or JCchartboy the boy is known as the "Common Denominator" over at Shotgunworld, always the center of every heated arguement on the net. Big know it all kind of guy who really loves to toot is horn

NJH wrote:
August 28, 2010

I heard the guy toots his horn often too.

Bo Hauser wrote:
August 27, 2010

It's really a "paid shoot." 6,000 acres to yourself? The landowner tells you where to sit for an afternoon with your shooting sticks for an easy shot? And there was no mention of the professional photographer Jeff just happened to find while there to snap those handsome photos? How contrived. Grandstanding at its best.