Elkstravaganza Roundup begins our second annual celebration of elk season with a photo contest and more.

Before the Hunt

Elk Season Primer: B&C Monster Bulls
For most big-game hunters, the chance to square their sights on a 400-inch elk is an once-in-a-lifetime thrill. With each bugle they send echoing through the hills comes the hope of getting closer to an ultimate wapiti record breaker. To help pump up all of the bone collectors out there, we've compiled eight examples of Boone & Crockett elk. Enjoy. Read More »

Elkstravaganza 2010 Photo Contest
Visit the American Hunter's Bragboard to upload an image of your elk for a chance to win an elk lure package from Wildlife Research Center.
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RMEF's 2010 Elk Hunting Forecast
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has released its forecast of the elk population in North America for 2010. Our interactive elk map has the all the need-to-know facts from this annual compilation. Read More »

Tips and Tactics

Ten Reasons You Didn't Arrow an Elk
Studies say that the success rate for elk bowhunters is almost half that of rifle hunters. Here are the 10 most common mistakes archery elk hunters make, and how you can avoid them.
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How to Speak Elk
The bottom line for elk calling is to be flexible—if what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else. Read More »

“Enough Gun” Elk Cartridges
Bryce Towsely explores elk cartridges that are going to give you an edge in elk hunting. This—you can be sure—is not an article about “adequate” elk cartridges. Read More»

Public Land Hunting: Pressure-Cooker Elk
These days, it's getting tough to find a "secret spot" to hunt elk. Don't despair. You can still harvest an elk when the pressure's on. Read More»

Where's the Bull?
Even in the very best elk country, locating a bull to hunt can be time consuming and downright frustrating.
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