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Ten Questions with Kristy Lee Cook (Page 2)

With her new show "Goin' Country" airing on Versus, former American Idol star Kristy Lee Cook is out to prove she can hack it as a singer, host and hardcore hunter.

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16 Responses to Ten Questions with Kristy Lee Cook (Page 2)

Mia wrote:
June 21, 2012

I used to be so against hunting but then I saw Kristy's show and decided to give it a try. I took my hunter saftey course, gave it a shot and have been hookes ever since. Thank for opening my eyes Kristy! I now look at hunting in a whole new light!

brittany wrote:
January 01, 2012

I lov you kristy and i love browning ive always been an outdoor girl who grew up in the country shootin guns and riding horses and four wheelers i love that you are the same way and are a down to earth girl i love yoour show even though ive only seen a couple epesiodes ive tried so hard tofind epesiodes on the webi can watch but havent been able too so if anyones knows were i canw atch some please let me know

Sheedy wrote:
December 01, 2011

Christy, I think I've seen every episode of your show. You seem so true and sweet!I hope my son will find a nice down to earth young lady like you some day! God's Peace! Come hunt WI some time, always welcome.

Tod wrote:
December 14, 2010

WOW! Kids followed you on Idol, you met my daughter and her friend when on tour. You told her, Don't drink, that you never drank or did drugs ever. That blew her away and she swears she is gonna be like that. A huge thanks and I wish you success in everything you do. What a great example. Now she wants to hunt. Hope to see you at the shot show in January.

Daniel wrote:
December 14, 2010

Kristy, you can sing, ride and hunt and your show is great. I have seen every episode and love it as do my kids. My daughters loved you when they met you on your idol tour, you took the time for pictures and hugged my little daughter and she was lit up for a week. I love that you are sincere.

Kenny wrote:
December 05, 2010

Sounds like you've got your head on straight. My eldest daughter (18) harvested her first deer this year. It was a doe. I was fortunate to be at her side when she squeezed the trigger. I've tried to always include both of my girls in any outdoor activities. Whether I intended to hunt, fish, target practice or just wonder around, I always asked them to go, but never forced the issue. Anyway, best wishes in all your endeavors.

Leehiem wrote:
December 05, 2010

Really nice interview. As I was reading it, I programmed my DVR to record the series. I admire you sticking to your convictions, and not letting anti-hunting propaganda bring you down. PETA—People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. Congratulations, Kristy. You've made a fan out of me.

Mindi Macnab wrote:
November 30, 2010

Hi Kristy, when you have a chance look at our ORVIS endorsed and Beretta Trident Lodge Highland Hills Ranch located 1 1/2 hours from The Dalles Oreogn. We have had our Oregon Governor to our ranch twice. We'd be a great location for one of your upland game bird hunting shows, plus we are LOVERS of barrel racing!!

Char wrote:
November 07, 2010

I have LOVED watching the show - will it be returning with new episodes? I sure hope so!

Dave wrote:
October 18, 2010

Great show. Dont slow down, dont ever slow down!

scott wright wrote:
October 15, 2010

Love the show. You go girl.

Paul wrote:
October 14, 2010

I love want your doing for the sport of hunting and the great outdoors. Keep on doing what your doing.

James L. Cobianco, Sr. wrote:
October 14, 2010

Your story is what most women want to hear and would like to experience. All I can say is GO GIRL. We need more like you. Jim

don wrote:
October 12, 2010

I have a bear doing damage on my property in Grants Pass. Can you come take care of it Kristy?

bart wrote:
October 12, 2010

Nice interview. Great to read real comments. America need more women hunters. Good Job Kristy and B.O. for doing the story.

Kaylah wrote:
October 11, 2010

Kristy rocks! Love you girl!