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Rut Tips to Take to the Bank

Use these general tips when the rut kicks in, and you'll be face-to-face with a monster buck in no time.


What’s the best rut sign? Look for rubs and lots of them. Scientists say a property with a good number of mature bucks can have 10 times as many rubs as a spot with few bucks that are 3.5 years and older.

Scientific studies show deer move best when the barometer is between 29 and 30. My 25 years of field research show bucks rut hardest when the mid-November temperature is between 20 and 35. Remember that weather data, put it together and never miss those prime days.

Your midday hunting will be best from the 21st to the 24th, before the majority of hunters hit the woods on Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a funky full moon this month—not until November 21. I expect bucks to rut some at midday, but not as much as they would had the moon waxed full earlier in the month. Come the 21st, bowhunters have been in the woods for a good six weeks, and guns have started booming in some states. I believe this pressure overrides the moon’s effects and turns bucks secretive and nocturnal.

Big deer love to travel and check for does where narrow fingers of timber or brush intersect, says top whitetail biologist Mickey Hellickson, after analyzing thousands of trail-cam images of Iowa and Texas bucks. Now you know where to hang some stands.

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Earl robinson wrote:
November 28, 2012

Comments...i sitting in wood deer not coming. Why!