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Scope Mounts (Page 2)

Choosing a system to mount a scope to your new rifle can be more confusing than actually deciding on a new rifle.

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1 Response to Scope Mounts (Page 2)

Mike wrote:
March 06, 2012

How do you rate Conetrol? I have been around many years. During the 60's and 70's rifles were machined, not cast. Highly polished steel blued beautiful. Weatherby was in Africa, really strong mouonts and ring's were needed for the magnums. Conetrol and Buehler were on most of the American rifles. Buehler is gone, Conetrol is not. I think anyone wanting a light rifle with very stronbases and rings needs to look them over. They are projectionless. A serious work of art. Engenered to perfection here in America. Look them over.