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Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand (Page 3)

A journey to New Zealand sheds light not on a hunt, but the brief moments that make life worth living.

As I penned a farewell message in Spey Creek’s guest book, my thoughts returned to the moment I stood on my private mountaintop. I recalled the bowhunt that never was, my stag that fortunately was, Phil’s exciting hunt, the friends I’d made and, of course, Rebecca and Mike, who now resided on Cloud No. 9. Half the battle in life has to do with the lens through which you see yourself. Personal fulfillment, in part, hinges on whether you look through that lens positively or negatively. Living means enjoying every day. Rather than happy endings, I choose to think about happy beginnings. 

Check out the photos from Mehall's epic hunt.

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1 Response to Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand (Page 3)

May 16, 2011

I always enjoy articles by Karen. She emphasizes the hunt experience and adventure, not always with a kill. This respects nature as it should be.Keep up the good work.