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Massive Python Trapped Near Florida Apartment

A Florida man was walking his dog in the woods Thursday when he spotted an 150- to 200-pound African rock python.


A Florida man was walking his dog in the woods Thursday when he spotted a massive python near the lake. He immediately notified the police who quicky arrived on the scene and trapped the African rock python. The python, which took three large police officers to wrestle it through the woods, is believed to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds.

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2 Responses to Massive Python Trapped Near Florida Apartment

Dale wrote:
February 15, 2013

Florida Fish & Game was asking that all pythons that are seen were to be killed. As long as it was safe to do so, one in the head and then only one officer would be needed 2 at the most and the others could be out there fighting crime.

Dan wrote:
March 27, 2011

If it was up to me, any python caught in the everglades or anywhere in Florida that are not native should be killed-period! To hear that pythons are being discovered near apartment buildings where young children play is disturbing. Think about it...we get panicked when all of a sudden a child disappears with no trace and a manhunt starts. Did you ever stop and think it may not be another human kidnapping a child? To a large python that child is warm-bloode-therefore a meal ticket. Snake owners, do us all a favor and register your snake. If you don't want it anymore, be smart, considerate of your neighbors and call the proper authorities to help you get rid of your snake. The life you save might be your own!