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Can Steven Rinella Make You A Better Hunter? (Page 2)

Find out what "The Wild Within" host Steven Rinella can teach you about cooking wild game, his hunter-gatherer philosophy and much more.

SR: Yes, at least for people who are dealing with wild game. Don’t limit yourselves to wild game cookbooks. Instead, follow recipes from notable chefs, but substitute your game meat for the prescribed pork, lamb or beef. Some of my best game dishes are adaptations inspired by the recipes of Jacques Pepin. That guy’s a genius.

BO: What has been the most memorable experience from the show?

SR:  Either killing a wild pig in Hawaii with nothing but a knife, or hunting at night with Makushi tribesmen in Guyana, South America. I’d experienced a great variety of hunting methods in my life, but those two experiences really proved to me that there’s a lot I haven’t seen.

BO: I heard you drew a mountain goat tag for Alaska's Kenai Peninsula for this season. First, I'm jealous. Second, talk a little bit about the challenges you face with this hunt and your strategy going in. Third, will we be seeing it on the show?

SR: Mountain goat hunting is a blast. I’ve been in on three goat hunts, and those are some highlights of my hunting life. I killed a goat several years ago that took a 1,200 foot plunge. That was a mess. Aside from issues having to do with cliffs, timing is the biggest consideration with goat hunting. You want a nice rug with long hair, which means you want to go late in the season. But then you’ve got to worry about the weather getting worse and the snow piling up. So it’s a gamble. But we’ll see. As for filming the hunt, not sure about that. Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Can Steven Rinella Make You A Better Hunter? (Page 2)

Sahil of wrote:
August 18, 2011

Great writeup. Steve Rinella's show really propelled my desire to learn how to bowhunt. His show really delves deeper into the philosophy and culture of the responsible hunter, something that is lacking on shows on channels like Versus and Outdoor Channel.

Bob Rosage wrote:
April 22, 2011

Absolutely the best. And great to hear that it's reaching and bringing in new hunters.

Steve Daugherty wrote:
April 22, 2011

I really enjoy watching The Wild Within. I have to confess I sometimes get bored with the programs that show the same thing all the time. You know like, "There's a big elk (deer, goat, kudu) over there. Let's stalk it shoot it and pose with it." I like Steve's (great name by the way) commentary about the imortance of the connectedness of hunting and I enjoy watching him prepare and cook the game. I like the way the program mixes things up like when he went to San Francisco to prove you could subsist in the city. All in all a wonderful program!

Larry wrote:
March 13, 2011

Great show. I hope more people are exposed to it. With the confluence of several different movements, such as paleo/primal diets and locovorism this show is very well situated to bridge the cultural divide between outdoorsmen and urbanites who want what rural folk have. Conservationist/hunters need to get the message out not only to kids but to 20something hipsters who want "sustainable, organic, humane" food.

Jenn Stocks wrote:
March 09, 2011

Love The Wild Within! It's a hunting show (the genre to which my husband is addicted) for intellectual people! LMAO!!! Keep up the great work, Steve! I look forward to watching many more hunts!!!