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Winchester Model 70 Safari Express (Page 2)

The Model 70 has undergone a number of transformations, and the current Model 70 made by FN in South Carolina is the best Model 70 ever produced.

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9 Responses to Winchester Model 70 Safari Express (Page 2)

July 22, 2014

I have a win 375 h & h with boss 99[%] for sale asking 2600.00 obo . not able to find super express with boss I am thinking must be custom build have thumb hole stock also have the original stock

k medson wrote:
September 27, 2013

l have had three 375's zastava. safari classic and now win 70 safari express and the winchester is the best gun

k medson wrote:
September 26, 2013

great gun great calibre

Recamundo wrote:
May 13, 2013

I shot a nice Caribou in Alaska with a pre-64 model 70. Not that one needs a 375 H&H for Caribou, but the place is crawling with Kodiak bears! To me, this rifle is perfect, except the always-wet weather in Alaska made me wish for something requiring less care (I had to wipe down and heavily oil my rifle each day to prevent rust. Despite this, I still got rust!). I just bought a Model 70 in stainless steel with a wood-laminate stock. Amazingly, Winchester made them as CRF, exactly like the pre-64 action. I lucked upon it online, and when I called, the Winchester rep told me they only made 150 of them as a special run for a shot show. IMO, this is the perfect combo - I don't like the feel of plastic/fiberglass stocks. They lack the warmth and feel of wood + I find them to be very slippery when wet. You can find plenty of stainless model 70s out there (not so plenty in 375 H&H) with plastic stocks, just not in laminate.

George Lee wrote:
January 12, 2013

I have the 375 H&H and the 416 Remington Safari Express versions. I have yet to shoot the 416, but shooting the 375 with open sights I have no problem hitting the center section of a 9" paper plate. I want another 375 H&H but it must have a synthetic stock and stainless barrel/action. It would be nice if Winchester would make one in Extreme Weather - I have Africa covered, now how about Alaska ...please Winchester!

Mark Loomis wrote:
January 08, 2013

The mod.70 Safari is a lot of gun for the money. I purchased my ultimate mod.70 last year in the Cabelas 50th anniversity .458win mag. The .458 is plenty powerful if loaded right.

Imoukhuede Oise wrote:
September 24, 2012

why isnt the safari express offered in other african calibers, like the .404jeffery, the .416rigby, .500jeffery or .505Gibbs or even the .450rigby and with drop box magazine configuration.

Jerry Berding wrote:
February 16, 2012

I'm also looking for a 375 H&H Mod 70 Classic SS with a BOSS system. / Syntethic stock. is it possible FN amy start up production of these fine big game and Dangerous gun Calibers? Sure hope so

John Williams wrote:
June 03, 2011

Enjoyed reading about the Model 70. I would like for the writer to have asked Winchester why they don't offer the 375 H7H in a stainless / syntethic stock. I've been looking for one but they go quickly on the online auctions.