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Game Profile: The Wild Turkey (Page 2)

Find out everything there is to know about North America’s largest game bird.

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1 Response to Game Profile: The Wild Turkey (Page 2)

Marv. Smith wrote:
May 01, 2011

Concerning your foot speed of 20 m.p.r. for turkeys: I chased a jake down a Par Sholes Road at 45 m.p.h. for over 200 yds. befor he left turned off the road into the Sumpter National Forest; also my brother Wade and I flushed two hens out of a clump of blackberry briars in a fork of gravel road at Molly's Rock Recreational Area, Sumpter National Forst: the hen BOBWHITE QUAIL flew 30 yds. uphill, and banked the same left, while the TURKEY hen ran with her like a shadow all the way together. Those turkeys may have had exess motivation, and old fat ones migt be slower, bt if your turkeys can only hit 20 m.p.h., where are they? I want to catch a limit bare-handad!