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Wolf Protections Lifted in Two States

Wildlife advocates have struck a deal with the Obama administration that allows gray wolves to be hunted in Montana and Idaho.


Wildlife advocates who spoke out against removing gray wolves from the Endagered Species list have struck a deal with the Obama administration. The agreement lifts the ban on hunting gray wolves in Montana and Idaho.

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1 Response to Wolf Protections Lifted in Two States

Laura Collins wrote:
April 16, 2012

I watched the bbc1 programme on wolves returning to the west coast usa, and was appalled at the ignorance of ranchers. They are closed minded and totally obsessed with wiping out one of the most beautiful species of animal. Do they know nothing about ecology? Obviously only has to listen to one of them for a couple of minutes to know what they don't want to know. Their greed is overpowering. They want the elk for themselves! They make me sick.