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Desperate Measures: Last Resort Turkey Tactics (Page 2)

The gobbler tactics divulged here might be unconventional, they might even be eccentric, but in theory they all work…well, they’re at least funny.

“It’ll work. I’ve done it out here before,” I argued. “He can’t see us and we’re surrounded by open meadow so no other hunters are going to mistake us for birds and shoot us. Crawl to the edge of that draw, stand up and shoot fast.”

He still wouldn’t go, but by the sounds of it the bird was going. So I took off, crawling like a baby. When I reached the lip of the draw I leveled the 870 and sent an unmistakable copper-plated message to our quarry, who forever after gobbled no more.

Purists abhor stalking turkeys. Good for them, but I feel differently. There’s no law against it where I hunt and I figure anybody cautious enough to belly up to a sharp-eyed turkey without being detected has earned his meat. Yes, there is concern over shooting accidents. You don’t want some myopic nimrod with an itchy trigger finger flinging a wad of No. 4 shot toward your camouflaged hide. I limit my stalks to open country where I can clearly see any other hunter and, more importantly, where they can clearly see me.

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