"Game Kitchen Cowboys" Roundup

Beginning on May 1, Jim Zumbo and Dave Campbell will be hosting “Game Kitchen Cowboys” exclusively on


For decades, game meat—and old cowboys—have been given the short shrift in terms of taste, smell and quality. But connoisseurs of the wild side know otherwise. Beginning on May 1, Jim Zumbo and Dave Campbell will be hosting “Game Kitchen Cowboys” exclusively on, a lighthearted video series that tears down long held stereotypes about game meat and the proverbial "old coot in a cowboy hat." Each week there will be a new recipe from these portly Wyomingites, whose combined experience in hunting and preparing game dishes spans more than 100 years. Because we know good cooks can learn a few tricks from two grizzled outdoor vets who quite clearly just happen to be well-fed.

5/2/2011Episode 1: Artichoke Elk
Episode 2: Elk Egg Rolls
Episode 3: Ginger Elk
5/23/2011 –
Episode 4: Stuffed Green Peppers
5/30/2011 –
Episode 5: Tangy Meatloaf
6/7/2011 Episode 6: Pheasant and Mushrooms
– Episode 7: Sue's Elk Chili
– Episode 8: Spicy Venison Casserole
– Episode 9: Texas Taco Loaf
7/6/2011 – Episode 10: Spaghetti Pie
7/11/2011 – Episode 11: Trout Almondine
7/18/2011 – Episode 12: Pheasant Marsala
8/10/2011 – Episode 13: Vension Bean Soup 
8/17/2011 – Episode 14: Steak & Mushroom Roll-Ups
9/1/2011 – Episode 15: Purple Plum Pheasant
9/16/2011 - Episode 16: Venison Roast with Cider

Zumbo's best-selling "Amazing Venison Recipes" was called "a book that deserves a place in every hunter's kitchen" by American Hunter magazine, and has been highly touted throughout the outdoor media. Beyond the author's cooking expertise is a reputation as one of America’s leading hunters. Jim began his writing career after publishing an article in an issue of Outdoor Life magazine approximately 1,000 years before the internet was invented (or 1962 to be exact). Over the course of the next 16 years, Jim saw his work published in scores of magazines and his influence as a hunting authority began to grow. After a celebrated career as an outdoor writer, Zumbo teamed up with Outdoor Channel to create the program "Jim Zumbo Outdoors," which takes an in-depth look at the hunting world, shares his vast knowledge and more recently has been devoted honoring U.S. military vets who have returned home and enjoyed hunting adventures with the host.

Now, Zumbo is heading into a new frontier, as he partners up with friend and fellow coot Campbell to prove that old print dogs can learn new Web tricks.

Campbell began his hunting career with a spear off the southern California coast in the late 1960s. It did not take long for him to graduate to the gun on land. A self-taught hunter, he began with game birds and waterfowl and went on to start hunting big game after moving to Wyoming for the first time in the late ’70s.

During the past 40 years Campbell has developed a wide variety of skills tied to the outdoors, from handloading to trapping and gunsmithing. He has led the life of a gypsy with dozens of jobs ranging from a hunting guide to a machinist and eventually a magazine editor. Nowadays, he spends most of his time on a ridge top in Wyoming with a hair net under his cowboy hat, serving as the lucky taster in Zumbo's kitchen.

We promise that you won't see anything like this on the foodie channels anytime soon. We also promise this pair of old-school sophisticates washes their hands—sometimes.

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