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Wolf Hunting Debate Rages On (Page 2)

For hunters and citizens who enjoy seeing wildlife, and for game populations themselves, everything is at stake with the current wolf debate in the Western U.S.

"I would say absolutely people want a hunt," Arnold Popp, a hunter told a reporter with the Leader-Telegram in Eau Claire, Wis. "I don't mind when there are a few wolves, but I talk to a lot of people around here and they're pretty much upset with the number of wolves we have here."

Wolf sightings are increasing in some eastern states as well, where it is believed the animals seen are a type of wolf-coyote hybrid. The increased reports already have some folks anticipating similar battles for the area as are taking place in the West and Midwest now. If so, what ultimately plays out with the latest counter attack in the Rockies could serve as a blueprint of how it will play out in other parts of the country. For hunters and citizens who enjoy seeing wildlife, and for game populations themselves, everything is at stake.

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12 Responses to Wolf Hunting Debate Rages On (Page 2)

Grace wrote:
April 06, 2014

How can anyone while out the poor wolves? The r a part of the world. Why don't they take them off the endangered list but not kill its food source so farmers with cattle don't want to kill them since wolf didn't steal.

Mr. Curious wrote:
September 12, 2011

I might be reaching, or putting words in peoples' mouths -- I don't mean to -- but why is it that we hunters seem to value one species over another -- Deer or Elk over wolves? It it simply economics or sthe selfish love of hunting? To me it just feels wrong to say we need to shoot wolves because they are hurting our deer hunting.

Liz wrote:
July 05, 2011

I'm disappointed to see comments advocating wolves being wiped out of the lower 48. They need to be MANAGED and CONTROLLED through hunting like most other American big game animals. Advocating complete eradication will only encourage the environmentalist's stereotype of us hunters not caring about anything but senselessly killing animals. We can support SENSIBLE and SCIENTIFIC management without succumbing to these stereotypes. Common sense management with wolves is doable; thee feds just have to start ignoring the animal rightists.

Aaron wrote:
June 21, 2011

Why dont people just start taking matters into their own hands? Are you gonna wait 10yrs for a study to come out saying that now elk and deer are on the endangered list? Wolves are bad news, plain and simple.

lance wrote:
June 20, 2011

Okey yea its bad but we should have to wipe out the intire secies they help balance the animals.

Fund wrote:
June 20, 2011

In this country and fine is the amount that we people pay to be free! Take the situation into your own hands and wipe out the wolf pack completely! Once it is's done!!

durk wrote:
June 17, 2011

there is a reason our forefathers erradicated the wolves in the west. the environmentalists base their opinions on emotion alone they do not use fact or reason in their logic. they romanticize a wolf howoing at the moon on a hilltop. but wolves are killing machines. they will kill everything in their path. they have wiped out 6 species in idaho and montana, moose, elk, muledeer, whitetail deer,cougars have no deer left to eat and they are starving, and the wolves are actually digging the bears out of the dens and eating them in the winter. it makes no sense to introduce one species to wipe out 6 other species, any wildlife biologist, or performing monkey can tell you that makes no sense. but that just shows you the mentallity of the embicils who are promoting these wolves.

ericb wrote:
June 12, 2011

In HD 335, it takes years to draw one of the 3 moose tags that are issued every year. Last year, wolves killed a confirmed 9 moose and probably many more unconfirmed.

ray wrote:
June 12, 2011

@rich, in the words of Curly "precisely"

rich wrote:
June 09, 2011

So, I'm in Wyoming, I'm camped out, doing some fishing, a little hiking, biking and rock climbing and while cooking an evening meal a pack of wolves come to see what's for dinner! But they shouldn't exist! So they're not really there?

tim wrote:
June 08, 2011

yeah......what he said

wild wrote:
June 07, 2011

Let the states decide when wolf season is in. The people of the state know how may. Not the fat head in an officeuiu