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Ten Reasons Hunting Beats Fishing (Page 2)

While many sportsmen and women hunt and fish, few would pick fishing over hunting if given the choice, and here are 10 reasons why.

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4 Responses to Ten Reasons Hunting Beats Fishing (Page 2)

Bill. Townsville, NC wrote:
July 19, 2011

I used to hunt, I still fish and I enjoy shooting targets.Range in back yard. Lake other side of back yard. To clean up I just ball up paper and put in trash. Fully agree with 7 and 1. I'm too old to actually hunt anymore but can still shoot but can't cast like I used to so if I can get up the energy, I troll.You forgot, hunting provides more exercise(#11).

John P. wrote:
July 19, 2011

Ditto Phil. Do you think my .45-70 will be enough?

Philip wrote:
July 19, 2011

I feel so much better being prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse. Also the coming end of the world. Great! Please Note: All coming disasters are required.

Adam wrote:
July 14, 2011

I'm avid angler, and I hunt some. I much rather go fishing than hunting. Here's a response from an avid angler. Reason 10: It is hard to target one fish, but it's also hard to target one game animal in a hunt. You have follow the whole herd, then target the animal you want. Reason 9: Hunting is more of a hassle for me. I've to make sure I hunt on public, then make sure it's blm, National Forest, or State Forest. I've to avoid logging land, National Parks, and State Parks. Plus in California, guns laws differ radically from one county to another. Reason 8: I've fished Alaska and have a Marlin Guide gun. I'm zombie ready. Reason 7: No argument about the skills for combat. But fishing can't be a good hobby for returning soldiers, as it can help sooth their psyche. Reason 6: Fishing has the same feeling. Reason 5:Generally, I see a lot of other animals when I fish. Plus, near misses are super exciting. Reason 4: I do catch big tuna, white seabass, california yellowtail, etc. I fill my fridge with over a 100lbs of fish compared to less than a 100lbs of game. Reason 3: Don't feel guilty then. Reason 2: Try hunting California sometime and that would change your mind. Reason 1: You got me here.;)