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"Whitetail Season with Bill Winke"

Tune in each week for a new installment of Winke's video blog featuring his best whitetail tips and tactics of the season, exclusively on


Trail cameras and previous seasons have already told Bill Winke he has four huge whitetails to hunt on his farm in Iowa this season. This video blog will follow him week-by-week in his scouting excursions, through all the phases of the rut. Along the way, he'll explain evolving tactics and provide hard-earned tips and plenty of footage so you can better strategize how to put yourself in the right spot. Tune in each week for the latest tips and stories.

Be sure to check out the new Whitetail Season with Bill Winke microsite, where all of the weekly tips and episodes can be found in one convenient place!


Week 1: Summer Scouting and Video Introduction

Week 2: The Right Way to Clear Shooting Lanes, After Finding Giants and A Giant Pair of Bucks

Week 3: Oak Trees for Deer Management, Time to Look Up and How to Prepare for a Deer Hunt

Week 4: Five Pre-Season Shooting Tips , Next Steps in Patterning and Deer Personality

Week 5: How to Pre-Season Scout and Whitetail Deer Movement

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