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Squirrel Hunting: A Small Secret Among Friends (Page 2)

Savvy squirrels are a match for even the most stealthy hunters, so follow these tips to keep you in the game this fall.

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1 Response to Squirrel Hunting: A Small Secret Among Friends (Page 2)

Tiger Ly wrote:
January 18, 2013

I never like hunting until two years ago, my son in-law invited me to go with him and he paid for my small game hunting license and hand me his Marlin model 925 to hunt squirrel, so we went to hunting but he do arhery and I do small game, he taught me alot of things about hunting that you have to stalk and still hunting technique and soon I found it was very challenging and fun to be out in the woods and it really keep me healthy. Recently, I have been doing alot of research of all the state forest and wildlife management so I could take my wife to hunt with me. At first, I went out every weekend to bag a couple of squirrels for dinner then my wife start to get interesting how to aim at a squirrel then suddenly she pulled out two .22 rifles and ask me to choose whichever I'm comfortable with so I was surprise to see she was interesting to go hunt with me, she gave me both guns and one was a Marlin model 60 and the other one was a Savage 64, she bought two cheap scopes along then I mounted them on and went to the range and set the scopes on target at 50 yards so that weekend we went to this state forest up north in MN. I taught my wife all the strategies, its not easy to hunt them either. We went out every other weekend to hunt, we went to this state forest down south of the twin cities and there was corn fields that sits so close to the hillside and we decided to sit still for at least 20 or 30 minutes later then suddenly squirrels came out of the hillside and running down to the field to feed and we just aim at each of them and let our .22 roared at them for ten full minutes and we already got our limit. My wife got really exciting about that very first time we got our limit and she bought us warm camo and boots for us. I don't know why I got this story of me and my wife but I felt that this was what the story began and thanks to all you guys for all the squirrel hunting strategies.