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Four Crossbows for Fall (Page 2)

Here is the truth about the performance of four popular crossbows that span all price spectrums, and the idea behind each.

The Concorde was the slowest bow tested at 293.3 fps (only a minor bother, really). It was also the most accurate tested, averaging 1-inch groups. It’s got a good trigger, it’s silky-smooth and pushing its button and watching it cock itself brings me great satisfaction. 

Be sure to check out the photo gallery to see specs, photos and pricing.

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2 Responses to Four Crossbows for Fall (Page 2)

scot wrote:
November 11, 2011

You didn't review the Darton Serpent II LTD or the new Fireforce which can shoot over 400fps. This is not a very complete review.

Mike wrote:
October 20, 2011

So...what was the range involved with the 1" groups? Would be nice info!