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The World's Best Waterfowl Hunting (Page 2)

Here’s our Top 10 list of locations every waterfowler would give a precious bid to hunt.

In addition to shooting abundant Pacific brant, king eiders and harlequins in places like Cold Bay and St. Paul Island—a tiny rock in the middle of the Bering Sea—Spectacled eiders and Emperor geese can be photographed and crossed off the bucket list of bird watchers.

2. Uruguay
Unheralded and slightly off the beaten path, Uruguay is overshadowed by its popular neighbor to the south, Argentina. What most people don’t realize, however, is that Uruguay challenges its more famous South American brethren for both numbers of waterfowl and upland birds while surpassing it in ease of in-country travel for mix-bag opportunities.

“We began operating in Uruguay while searching for excellent mixed-bag wingshooting from a single lodge or with minimal mid-trip transfers when swapping from ducks to doves, for example. We found what we were looking for—good waterfowl hunting and good upland hunting,” said Russell. “The best duck hunting is primarily confined to Uruguay’s eastern seaboard, and upland hunting for doves and pigeons, the likes of which can at times rival Argentina, is as little as an hour’s drive inland.”

While Uruguay offers a change of pace for travelers familiar with Argentina, the availability of birds is nearly identical. In fact, northern Argentina has more in common with Uruguay when talking hunting opportunities than it does with the southern portions of its own country—ringed teal and Brazilian ducks most notably.

1. Argentina
Topping the list of sites for waterfowl hunters to visit is the South American country of Argentina. Renowned for shoulder-breaking limits of doves, Argentina duck hunting is just as popular and birds proliferate.

While generous limits, usually lodge-imposed, may initially lure first-time wingshooting guests, it’s the combination of superb food, excellent service and amenities that compel them to return to the country. Like the United States, it’s impossible to quantify hunting in any one area; each region has its own history and mode of hunting, influenced by lifestyle, habitat and populace demands.

Eastern Argentina’s landscape is generally low-lying grassland called pampas that, interspersed with numerous rivers and expansive marshes, lends itself exceptionally well to duck production. Waterfowl hunting is primarily limited to visiting hunters, making shooting pressure extremely low. Northern Argentina is far more rural, with several species far more abundant, and hunting styles and techniques influenced strongly by the Parana River. While daily bag limits are generally lower in May through August, seasonal opportunities are greater and include rice depredation shooting from November through February when southern Argentina duck hunting lodges are dry, or in the grip of summer drought. Northern Argentina also offers good wingshooting for ducks, doves, perdiz and volume decoying of pigeons from a single lodge, as well as fishing for golden dorado.

“Many of the common duck species are endemic to South America and are among my list of favorites—two species of pintail, several species of teal, three species of whistling ducks and the mighty rosy-billed pochard,” said Russell. “But Argentina is a very big country, too. The differences in southern duck hunting areas, such as the provinces of Buenos Aires and La Pampa, are markedly different than the northern provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes. The experiences are very different and one cannot achieve a complete perspective of Argentina duck hunting having only visited one or the other.”

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November 15, 2011

What about fermanagh northern ireland first class wildfowl and woodcock