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Michael Waddell’s Rut Time Strategies (Page 2)

It may be the easiest time of the year to take a big buck, but let’s face it, you can still screw it up. Here’s how Michael Waddell approaches the rut.

“Let’s face it, if you’re on a date with the hottest girl in town, are you going to take off in search of another date just because someone sends you some random texts? I doubt it.”

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1 Response to Michael Waddell’s Rut Time Strategies (Page 2)

Sal Pitti wrote:
November 27, 2011

This year I saw something that I've never seen before. I had just shot an 8 point the weekend after thanksgiving and I was just about to get down off one of my tree stands and I look over towards my pond and I see another buck on the ground rolling around like he had been shot. At first I thought that maybe the buck I shot ran down there, but it wasn't my buck. I walked over to it and looked at it about 10 yards away and it was still breathing. It would open it's eyes and close them and then wiggle around on the ground. I didn't see any blood, but I thought it had to be shot, so I put a finishing bullet into it. After closer inspection, my bullet hole was the only one in the deer. Either this deer had been hit by a car and decided to die right near the stand I was in the day before, which I sprayed doe in estrus buck bomb in the same exact spot he was laying, or he had another malody, or he was rubbing himself all over the scent and there was nothing wrong with him?? After gutting him, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and no broken ribs were observed. Have you ever seen anything like this? Thanks.