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Quest Releases New Rogue Bow

The latest bow from G5 is designed for maximum performance and affordability.


Quest Bowhunting—a division of G5 Outdoors—has released its new Rogue Bow.

The Rogue comes equipped with the company’s new Fluid Cam system, a parallel limb design and a longer brace height. It’s designed to be more forgiving and smooth after each shot.

Crafted to be both effective and affordable, the Rogue is meant to be the new flagship for the Quest Bow line. It combines high-speed releases with a smooth draw cycle, making it ideal for use in the field.

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1 Response to Quest Releases New Rogue Bow

Bryan Nixon wrote:
May 13, 2012

Just purchased the rogue, my first bow. Been working with it for a little over two weeks. Without any reference, I love this bow. Consistantly hitting vital shots at up to 30 yards. As a new archer thought I would wait until next hunting season to use it, but in the short amount of time I've owned it my shot confidence is far beyond my expectation.