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Taking a Shot at the Best New Targets for 2012 (Page 2)

With practically every new archery product on display at the ATA show, we made it our mission to track down the best new targets for 2012.

Hips Targets X2 Series Big Game Target: Backed by more than three decades of arrow-stopping technology, Hips Targets is launching the X2 Series Big Game Target, which it says is its most durable broadhead target yet. The target features Hips’ Endurance Foam, designed to provide self-healing properties that provide for easy arrow removal even with broadheads. Remember how some targets in the past were comprised of thin layers that only grabbed on two sides and required the use of glues, bands or straps? Hips’ foam layers are fused to ensure there is friction on all arrow surfaces for greater stopping ability.

Arrow Brake Targets’ Arrow Brake Hunter: Touted to withstand up to 20,000 shots, the Hunter Target from Arrow Brake Targets will stop fieldpoints from any type of bow at speeds up to 400 fps. Equipped with nylon straps for hanging, it was designed without grommets, which on many targets ultimately get ripped or torn out after extended use. A zippered top enables a quick-change replacement of the target cover. The target features five aiming points on one side and whitetail deer vitals on the opposite side.

Spyder Web: While targets on this list run the gamut of innovations for 2012, Spyder Web target improvements are more cosmetic in nature, but the company deserves a mention. Why? Because Spyder Web targets are that good. Presenting value for the money, my heavy-duty, weather-resistant Spyder Web target, for example, still looks as good as the day I got it—three years and thousands of arrows later. This year, Spyder Web has added more aiming points to all of its targets, taking full advantage of target-face space.

Huntin FX Target Caddy: How’s this for clever? Eight years in the making, the Target Caddy from Huntin FX (“effects”) is a convenient and innovative way to handle all your targets. The wheeled carriage with a built-in handle allows you to pull your target(s) along the ground by hand. Designed to carry two small 3-D targets, one large 3-D target, a bag or a block, this accessory will work with every target featured in this roundup and is sure to be put to good use on both the range and in the backyard.

Hunting guide, outfitter and booking agent Phil Phillips is the host of “Phil Phillips Unleashed” on the Sportsman Channel. For more information, go to

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