Top 9 Picks for Bowhunters from the 2012 ATA Show (Page 2)

Big things are happening in bowhunting right now, and here's a round-up of nine of the most exciting products to hit the market this year.

7. Scent Lok Technologies Carbon Alloy and Full Season Recon System
Anyone familiar with my bowhunting adventures knows I’ve used and recommended Scent-Lok’s activated-carbon scent control clothing since it was launched 20 years ago. I have a trophy room of big-game animals to show for it, many of which simply wouldn’t be there otherwise. Backing my claim, scientists recognize that activated carbon is the best absorbent for human odors. Now that Scent-Lok has unveiled new Carbon Alloy technology, bowhunter success rates will only get better.

Carbon Alloy technology incorporates other components in Scent-Lok’s activated carbon to target human-specific odors. A new additive, Zeolite, absorbs smaller odor molecules better than carbon alone. The technology is now featured in its Full Season outerwear line. The new Full Season Recon System jacket has Sherpa-fleece lining, weather-resistant shoulder panels and contoured sleeves to keep forearms out of a bow string’s way. Pants have a draft-blocking waist panel and long leg-zipper openings. Mobility in the arms, shoulders and knees ensures bowhunters can draw their bow and maneuver in tough terrain.

8. YETI Coolers Tundra 75-Qt. Cooler 
You’re probably wondering why I have a cooler in my Top 10 products from an archery trade show. Well, after 30-plus years of bowhunting and guiding during the early seasons out West and preaching how critical it is to get and keep your game meat cooled, I had to include YETI’S Tundra 75. Not only does it hold a quartered deer, its one-piece molded
construction is as durable as a whitewater kayak. YETI’s PermaFrost insulation provides exceptional thermal resistance and ice retention. T-Rex Lid Latches—as the dinosaur reference implies—keep the lid securely closed, and a ColdLock gasket locks out heat while sealing in cold. The lid features a form-fitting barrier between your game meat and the elements. It has non-slip rubber feet, textured grip handles and a screw-in plug for draining that is leak-proof when closed. Dry-ice compatible and UV-resistant, it comes with a cushion that makes quite a nice seat for your antelope blind.

9. Montana Decoys Montana Strutter
My No. 9 pick—the Montana Strutter from Montana Decoys—is not new, but the company is offering hunters too good a deal not to mention it. I’ve taken deer, elk, antelope and turkeys on my shows using Montana Decoys’ products for years and can attest that they’re worth the money. So when I ran into owner Jerry McPherson on the show floor and learned about his “blow out” special on the Strutter, I had to share the news. This top-selling tom turkey decoy just may be my personal favorite. It folds down so compactly and, at less than a pound, is so lightweight you hardly know you have it in your vest. It pops open and sets up in seconds. (Now available for $9.99, while supplies last.)

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1 Response to Top 9 Picks for Bowhunters from the 2012 ATA Show (Page 2)

Steve wrote:
February 22, 2012

I've used Montana Decoys for years and love them. Thanks for sharing about the Tom special. I just ordered 2 of them!