Top 9 Picks for Bowhunters from the 2012 ATA Show

Big things are happening in bowhunting right now, and here's a round-up of nine of the most exciting products to hit the market this year.


The 2012 ATA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio, featured more than 500 exhibitors for the second straight year. Not only were 69 of them newcomers, but booth space was up 8 percent from 2011 and 17 percent from 2010—great news when it comes to the state of the industry.

The many great products made it challenging to hone down my personal favorites, but after considerable whittling here are the innovations I think will be of true benefit to bowhunters this year.

1. Easton Carbon Injexion and A/C Injexion Arrows
I’ve trusted the success of my big-game hunts to Easton Archery for more than 30 years and this year will be no different. Easton’s new Carbon Injexion and A/C Injexion hunting arrows feature an “ultra-micro diameter” (like those used by tournament shooters) for ultimate terminal performance—and they’re even thinner than its Axis arrows. With the ultra-thin shaft comes a new standard in arrow components called Deep Six set to deliver the highest-performance arrows, inserts, points and broadheads ever developed for bowhunting. Smaller shaft diameter means more resistance to crosswinds and less friction when
passing through wild game—better ensuring both an entrance and exit wound.

Easton says Injexion shafts penetrate 31 percent deeper. Carbon Injexion is available in three spines—330, 400 and 480. A/C Injexion—featuring an aluminum core surrounded by high-strength carbon—is available in 330, 390 and 450. Both come with pre-installed deep red G-nocks and steel Deep Six inserts said to be 65 percent stronger than conventional aluminum components.

2. New Archery Products (NAP) Deep Six Broadheads
I have been fortunate enough to take more than 200 big-game animals and more than 40 species worldwide over the past 30 years thanks to Easton arrows and NAP broadheads, but I have never been more excited. Last summer, Easton and NAP teamed up to begin designing a broadhead line compatible with Easton’s new Deep Six technology. The result? NAP launched the ultimate in arrow components tailored for use with new micro O.D. arrows to enhance accuracy and penetration. A slimmer “boat tail” ferrule design ensures a precise fit for Micro O.D. arrows. The broadhead ferrule is 40 percent larger than the arrow shaft to create a larger wound channel. Increased thread engagement creates a more precise broadhead-to-arrow alignment, and tighter machining tolerances decrease broadhead wobble and the likelihood of broadheads coming loose. NAP’s Deep Six broadheads are compatible with Easton Carbon Injexion, A/C Injexion, Axis and Full Metal Jacket arrows and Beman’s Bone Collector.

3. Big Game Treestands Storm Trail Camera
Some things are just meant to be, as they say. While I was scouting for my Top 10 Treestands, I came across a new noteworthy trail camera. Big Game Treestands unveiled its new Storm Trail Camera that delivers sharp, 9-megapixel color daytime images and monochrome night images. Its wide, 60-foot flash range with rapid response time means you won't miss opportunities for images. Moon phase, time and date are shown on photos to help hunters track game trends and movements. Users can program the camera to grab 10-, 30- and 60-second video clips. The Storm supports SD cards up to 8GB, and operates on six C batteries. A clever add-on option is a lithium battery pack to extend battery life. 

4. Bow Trainer
The Bow Trainer helps archery enthusiasts of any age and experience level stay in shape while avoiding the potential overuse injuries and muscle tears that the shoulder can be susceptible to when bowshooting. Designed by an avid archer and physical therapist, it is designed to enhance accuracy by improving form and increasing physical strength and stamina. The product consists of a metal bar with a grip, and comes with four rubber bands that simulate draw weights from 10 to 130 pounds.  It’s easy to store and comes with a user manual and online training program so you can start training immediately and continue year round.

Speaking from experience, it’s just human nature for everyday life to get in the way of training during the off-season. Thanks to the Bow Trainer, we can train almost anywhere and anytime. 

5. Real Avid Revelation 2 Blade Knife
It’s not much fun holding a flashlight in your teeth as you try to field dress your big-game animal. Thanks to the new Revelation 2 Blade knife from Real Avid, that problem is solved. Featuring a 3 1/2-inch, 440 surgical steel drop blade, bone ripper saw and oversized gut hook, this knife works on even the toughest game. The 5-inch rubberized grip feels great, but what’s even better is the knife has two super bright LED lights set to shine for hours o
n your blade and whatever it is cutting. This knife fills a real need in a unique way and is set to become one of my top go-to products in the field.

6. TRU-FIRE'S Hardcore Max Line
I have been shooting with TRU-FIRE releases for years, and every time I say they can’t get any better, they do—and this time is no exception. The world’s largest release manufacturer has raised the bar again by adding two features to its popular Hardcore line. The first is a screw housed behind the trigger that enables bowhunters to adjust trigger pressure from 2 to 16 ounces. The second is an Evolution II buckle that sports 2 1/2 times thicker padding and a wider strap. Color options are black with red accents and a camo version. Two trigger options are available: the standard swept-back and the forward trigger. Features found on the standard Hardcore—such as the pivoting body, auto reset jaw and the deep recessed jaw that makes it impossible for loops to slip off—are present, too. This release is the ultimate for hardcore hunters as well as serious tournament archers and, last but not least, it’s made in the USA.

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1 Response to Top 9 Picks for Bowhunters from the 2012 ATA Show

Steve wrote:
February 22, 2012

I've used Montana Decoys for years and love them. Thanks for sharing about the Tom special. I just ordered 2 of them!