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The Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite

Barnett's Predator 375 is one of the fastest and most powerful bows on the market with a 375 FPS.


One of the fastest and most powerful crossbows on the market, the Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite offers hunters both speed and stealth in one package.

Shooting at 375 fps and featuring Carbon Riser Technology—providing the balance and feel needed for steadier shots—the Predator 375 is stable, reliable and deadly.

The bow also features an anti dry-fire trigger system, eliminating unintentional dry fires. It's packaged with a quiver and four Easton arrows.

Draw Weight:
Ft. Lbs of Energy: 133
Power Stroke: 15"
FPS: 375
Weight: 8 lbs
Length: 37"
Width: 24"
Arrow Length: 22"

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