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Trumped By the Truth (Page 2)

Frank Miniter gets to the bottom of the false allegations tied to an African safari involving Eric and Donald Trump, Jr.

By the Numbers: What Hunters Do for Africa
•    18,500 Approximate number of hunters who travel to Africa each year
•    $200 million Amount traveling hunters generate annually for rural areas in 23 African nations
•    540,000 square miles Area protected by hunting concessions in Africa
•    $20 million Funds hunting generates in Botswana annually
•    $28.5 million Funds hunting adds to Namibia’s economy annually
•    $100 million Funds generated by traveling hunters in South Africa in 2000
•    3,700 people Number of people employed in Tanzania because of hunters
(Source: Safari Club International)

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15 Responses to Trumped By the Truth (Page 2)

Greg Johnson wrote:
June 12, 2012

After reading your article I have a whole new level of respect for the Trump boys. These are men who stand up for what they love and believe even though in their world it may not be popular. I applaud them for their mature handling of the one sided media outlets. The fact remains that hunting is for many of the African countries a large source of revenue and a means of wildlife preservation. I admire Donald Trump Sr. for letting them learn to hunt from their grandfather. A family tradition is continued and the sibling closeness is created in a special way so many young people miss out on. Congratulations to Donald Jr and Eric Trump on their successful safari.

Gary wrote:
April 28, 2012

The 'funny' thing about TMZ's reportage is that Harvey Levin, their founder and host, claims to be a conservative. Maybe that's a California style of conservatism.

paul wrote:
April 19, 2012

I wonder how much money PETA etc. has donated to Africa?

Richard Spradlin wrote:
April 14, 2012

Thank you for setting the record straight on this matter. The knee-jerk anti-hunting anti-gun crowd will never understand the essential link between controlled hunting and wildlife preservation. And for the Brothers Trump, as we used to say during my hunting days in Germany, "Waidmannsheil!"

Robby777 wrote:
April 13, 2012

It's a shame people cannot or will not separate trash from truth anymore. TNZ is trash "journalism" at it's worse. Worse yet is that they are getting rich by selling trash

Richard Spradlin wrote:
April 13, 2012

Thank you for that excellent story setting the record straight. The knee-jerk anti-hunting anti-gun types will never understand the vital connection between controlled hunting and wildlife preservation. And to the Brothers Trump, as we used to say during my hunting days in the forests of Germany, "Weidmannsheil"!

Arnie wrote:
April 13, 2012

Thank you for getting the truth out on this matter!Nice to see Brothers spending quality time a field.

Mike Messenger wrote:
April 13, 2012

It's certainly a shame that the MSM (main stream media) can not grasp the Hunting and fishing mentality.My sons and sons in laws were just last weekend sitting around the bonfire talking of some of our adventures with fond memories and those of the future. The MSM never will.

Rik Cederstrom wrote:
April 12, 2012

TMZ is gossip, not news, although a lot of it's readers can't tell the difference. Pretty sad, weak drivel really.

Tim wrote:
April 12, 2012

Seems their main intention is to divide and destroy this country. There is no good that can come of their actions

Funp wrote:
April 12, 2012

Tmz is beneath the National Inquirer in terms of journalistic integrity, so the bogus story should surprise no one. As for the Trump boys, I say 'good for them' and if they need a place to hunt - I will take them anytime they want to treat. I'm glad American Hunter was there to set the record straight!

Rob Fancher wrote:
April 12, 2012

I aptlaud the greater Trump Family, grandparents who teach, fathers who endorse and offspring who go afield. Their and our dedication and support of what is an important part of our heritage and life as a society, with roots arround the World, is to be congratulated. The Trumps are to be admired and appreciated along with the rest of we sportsmen and women. It is turly sad that many small minded people fail to realize that the hunters and fishers of this country and this planet put far more back into our enviroment in the form of dues, fees and taxes paid than all of the anti, activists groups and idiots combined by many multiples. Without the hunter's and fisher's support and participation, there would be little or no wildlife to speak of or to just enjoy viewing while being a part of Nature whether you are a hunter, fisher or not.

Horsey wrote:
April 12, 2012

Congratulations to the Trump boys on a fine hunt. I hope they continue to enjoy hunting and aiding conservation through their participation.

Bill wrote:
April 12, 2012

This article needs to be available for everyone in America to read, along with lots more info that so many stupid, naive people just don't get. Generally, I can't watch any news broadcast anymore without getting angry at how they are, in fact, promoting the dumbification of America by biased reporting and their intentional deletion of the actual facts and truth. Why can't we, the common sense NRA members get the truth out there? The NRA should never have allowed the government to get away with banning us from television. We need to organize better somehow to wake up Americans to reality. It's time to rise up! Sincerely, Bill

Bill Kauffman wrote:
April 12, 2012

Who cares what PETA, HSUS and other think. THey can spend their money how they want and the Trumps and the rest of us will do the same. As long as it is legal and the meat, etc. is eaten by someone, have at it. Let those nuts stew in their own juices. Bill K