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Hunter’s Specialties Expands Premium Flex Line

Hunter’s Specialties has expanded its Premium Flex line with four new diaphragm calls.


Hunter's Specialties has introduced four new diaphragm turkey calls in the Premium Flex line for 2012.
All four models are constructed using Hunter's Specialties exclusive Infinity Latex, which doesn’t require a break-in period. The tape used in the calls is also water resistant and will hold up through an entire season of calling.
The four models include the Derringer, with three ultra thin reeds for high raspy calls, the Smokin' Gun, a three reed call with a middle cut for high pitched calling, the Li'l Strut, a three reed version with an angled cutter style middle cut and the Ol' Mama Hen, a 2 ½ reed magnum reed call for extra volume.
"I love the consistency and sound of the Infinity Latex calls," said Hunter's Specialties Pro Staff member Rick White. "Because of the way the calls are constructed, there's no variation in the quality or sound no matter where you buy them."
The new Premium Flex calls sell for a suggested retail price of $4.99 each.

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