Travails of the Traveling Hunter (Page 2)

Make your life easier by knowing the rules for traveling with a firearm.

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5 Responses to Travails of the Traveling Hunter (Page 2)

Butch Buesing wrote:
July 31, 2012

Like many other traveling hunters, I too have had my fair share of good and some bad experience with the TSA. On one trip to Washington State to shoot some Sea Ducks, after checking in at the gate and then being shuffled to the TSA, with two shotguns in a travelers case and the all clear to proceed to the security check point. My traveling companion had to take a leak, so I waited for him standing with our carry on cases. A few minutes later I saw a TSA officer carrying my hard case out the door of the airport toward taxi and car rental areas. I ran over and yelled at the guy asking what the hell he was doing, catching the attention of a nearby Seattle police officer. Trough the discovery, it was apparent the ticket agent and this alleged TSA agent were in a business of stealing checked bags. One lesson learned, get the name of your ticket agent, and a name of the TSA agent when you make your transfers, and always watch your bags until they clearly go through the checkpoint and make their way to the safe areas behind the counters.

Tim Ferrall wrote:
July 17, 2012

I appreciate the comments from other hunters, but my experience has been different. I have had my Tuffpak case forced open by TSA in Austin, TX even after watching them check it and pass it through. My contact info was on the side of the case, and NO attempt was made to call or page me. You can obtain and follow the TSA rulebook, but TSA folk tend to make up their own rules. Only when caught do the offenders follow the rules.

Dave Militello wrote:
July 14, 2012

I always personally carry my hard gun case or Bow case to TSA after I have it tagged and declared at the airline check station.I do this two hours before my flight and never had a problem. TSA was always cordial but the check in procedure varies somewhat. One time they opened the gun and checked the breach. Then you can lock the case with your key and be confidently on your way. Remember, it's considered appropriately locked if no one can reach inside. They really check the locks.If there is an issue you will have time to get the proper case/locks at the airport. It is the airlines responsibility to pick up from TSA and deliver to your flight.You can wait for the airline to pick up if that will calm your nerves.You can also call TSA to confirm these rules if you are a first time traveler.

Terry Rohm / Tink's wrote:
July 13, 2012

I have been told all luggage must have TSA locks on including gun and bow cases. If not they will cut them off.I think every agent/airline handle it all different.I always carry both kinds of locks just in case!

Don Keene wrote:
July 10, 2012

One thing you mentioned in error concerns locks on your firearm case. You and you alone can have access to your firearms, therefore NO TSA lock on the case. The traveler must have the key or combo, no one else. So yes, sometimes you will be called back to open your case. Such is life traveling with firearms in this new age. Oh and yes, I have traveled with firearms both within the U. S. and abroad.