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SCENTite Deluxe Blind from Advantage Hunting

Advantage's latest blind used patented technology to help mask your scent, and offers protection from both the weather and bugs.


Advantage Hunting has given whitetail hunters a new option in the field with the SCENTite Deluxe Blind.

The blind features the patented SCENTite scent-proof technology. Its windows seal against a gasket that keeps them scent tight and weatherproof. Advantage's technology pull in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind, drafting air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground.

The Polyethylene shell is lightweight, and Advantage says it's virtually maintenance-free. The SCENTite Deluxe Blind is weather- and bug-proof, and is carpeted with a 3/4" pressure-treated plywood floor. It's available in both two- and four-person designs.

The blind is well suited for both firearm and bow hunters.

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