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Kill a Burmese Python, Win a Prize

The 2013 Python Challenge was created to help eliminate the invasive species by increasing public awareness about Burmese pythons.


Burmese pythons have become more than just a nuisance to the Floridian ecosystem, they are posing a serious threat. In response to the increasing hazard of these snakes the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has announced that they will hold a python hunting contest in 2013 to help eliminate the invasive species. The 2013 Python Challenge is set to begin in January. A grand prize of $1,500 will be awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons, and $1,000 to the person who takes the longest snake. All participants must pay $25 and take an online training and safety course, and the first 300 people to signup will receive Python Challenge t-shirts.

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1 Response to Kill a Burmese Python, Win a Prize

michael oosterhart wrote:
January 08, 2013

Michigan needs to adopt such a policy to eradicate the "Feral" hog issue and stop treading on small farmers and game ranches.Too simple though. Our DNR doesn't think hunters are capable and would rather spend tens of thousands of tax dollars putting small farms out of business than pay a few dollars in prizes and bounties on invasive species. Politics as normal shame on WE The Sheeple!!