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Leica Announces Latest Laser Rangefinder Binocular

The Geovid HD-B comes with Leica's new developed Advanced Ballistic Compensation system.


Leica rolled out what would become a very popular draw at SHOT Show 2013 with its new Geovid HD-B, the latest in the company's line of laser rangefinder binoculars.

The Geovid HD-B contains advanced ballistics technology, enabling users to add and create their own custom ballistics information depending on the firearm they use. The newly developed ballistics function ABC (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) provides the proper aim point for hunters.

With 12 ballistic curves that represent most of the trajectories of modern hunting cartridges programmed into the system, the Geovid HD-B is designed to deliver precise and accurate ballistic information. When calculating the trajectory, the distance, angle, temperature and air pressure are all taken into account.

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